January 24, 2013

Sweet 16 and Super 17

My babies are growing up on me!!! WAH!!!!! Can we make this stop?? Can we freeze time, please?????

Today Deanna turns Sweet 16 and Saturday Joshua turns Super 17 (yes, I made that up....).

Here is a little bit of a photo journey. I hope you enjoy it. (And I am going to try putting these in chronological order. ;))

sweet 16 super 17 5

Joshua's baby picture.

Sweet 16 super 17 10

Sweet 16 Super 17 1

Sweet 16 Super 17 7

sweet 16 super 17 2

Sweet 16  super 17 6

Sweet 16 Super 17 3

Sweet 16 Super 17 4

Sweet 16 Super 17 8

Sweet 16 Super 17 9

I have to admit that it has been hard to get decent pictures of the older kids these past few years. :(

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSHUA AND DEANNA!!!! I love you both so much!!!!


  1. My baby cousins are no longer babies!!! I rennet pushing a baby Deanna around in a basket and she would just squeal! Happy Birthday, Deanna and Joshua!!!!!!!

  2. Remember!!!!*** sheesh! Autocorrect went crazy!

  3. LOL!!! They don't stay little long. WAH!!!!!!

  4. Super Seventeen has a nice ring to it! :-) They do grow up so fast.

  5. You have such beautiful kids! Hope their birthdays are all they can hope for!

  6. Happy Birthday Joshua and Deanna..
    What happy/fun photos..Beautiful babies/kids and now almost adults. Know you are proud of them.. And I so agree ,as they grow older, the cute photos stop.lol
    Hope they both have great birthdays..


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