January 10, 2013

What I'm Reading and What I'm Going to Read

When I asked what people would like to see  more of on my blog some said MORE BOOKS!! LOL So, here you go!!

I have 2 swap books that need to be read and mailed by the 21st and one by the 26th (I think.... ) for swap games at PaperbackSwap. Wish me luck!! Usually that wouldn't have been a hard thing but for the past year I have had a hard time settling down to read. There's just always too much to do! LOL

Here are the books in the order that I will be reading them:

The Fetch

The Fetch

I have just started The Fetch and I can say that it is already completely different than anything else I have ever read. The subject is one that I have not encountered before, although part of the setting is one of my favorites, Imperial Russia (at least so far).

The writing is very descriptive without being overly flowery (I can't stand that sometimes).

This is a new author for me! YAY!!!

Wicked in Your Arms 

Wicked in Your Arms: Forgotten Princesses

Another new to me author! 2 in a row!


Heartless (The Parasol Protectorate)

Now, here is a favorite author!! Heartless is book 4 in the Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger. I have loved the previous 3 books and have the 5th on my TBR (to be read) mountain. ;)

This series is full of action, intrigue and humor. It is definitely steampunk but don't let that throw you off if you aren't interested in that genre. This series is mystery, romance, historical and paranormal all rolled into one.  Alexia is definitely a character that you won't soon forget and one of my favorites. She reminds me a lot of Amelia Peabody from the book series by Elizabeth Peters.

Meanwhile, I am busy thinking up my next design for Project Run & Play. I think I know what I want to do, I just need to get it done! LOL  The dress I will be making will be one that I send to Pam for dresses for South Africa. Cailey may end up a little disappointed since I will be using her as a model but they fabric was donated. I can always make her a similar one later. ;)


  1. Stacy, I am going to look for the series you are reading! I checked out Project Run and Play, and I wish I had a blog so I could play along! Maybe I will sew up some stripes and dots anyway just so I can feel like I'm doing it! I am now up to 30 dresses and am considering quitting my job to have more time to sew. LOL

    The dress I am making for wk 2 will be sent to you. That will make 2.... YILES!! I need to get busy so I can help you out more!


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