October 1, 2013

Early American Settlers Study Unit


Our next history unit on the list is early American settlers. I will be including resources for Jamestown, Roanoke and Plymouth. I wanted to include St. Augustine but I had a realllllly hard time finding any resources. :/ I guess we will have to use Wikipedia (YILES).

I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to make up notebooking pages for this unit. Fortunately, there are TONS of freebies to be had for Jamestown and Plymouth, not so much for Roanoke. If I have time before we actually DO this study I will make some and add them here. ;)

As always, I include resources for a variety of ages. All books can be found at your local library or on Amazon.

All printable resources are free unless marked with $$$.

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This is the first in a series on Jamestown. Deanna devoured these books a few years back.

Has a good section about Roanoke.

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Jamestown Activities and Printables - 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Jamestown Printables - HS Launch

Mayflower Diagram

Coloring Pages - Patriotic Coloring Pages

Jamestown Printables and Activities - Harrington Harmonies

Pilgrim Info and Printables - History on the Net

Early American History Notebooking Pages - Practical Pages

Pilgrim Coloring Pages - USA Printables

Printable Mayflower Craft - Toy Maker

Pilgrim Coloring Pages - Activity Village

Roanoke Worksheets - Jamestown Worksheets -   Pilgrim Worksheets - Education.com

Jamestown Printables - Pilgrims Printables - Scholastic

Early Colonial Printables - Teacher Vision

Early Colonial Printables - abc Teach

Early Colonial Printables - Student Handouts


From Currclick

Enigmas - The Lost Colony

The Virginia Company in Focus

The Lost Colony Storybook

Jamestown in Focus

The Story of Jamestown Lapbook -   The Story of Jamestown Note Pack - Check with HoaC before purchasing to see the price difference

Jamestown Mini Lapbook

Jamestown Lapbook

Colonial America Unit Study

Pilgrims Lapbook - Pilgrims Note Pack - check with HoaC to check price differences

Pilgrims Unit Study

Pilgrims Mini Unit

online graphic

Pocahontas and Captain John Smith craft - Carrot Top X 3

List of Online Books for Early American History - Old Fashioned Education

National Geographic - Beyond the Movie - The New World: Nightmare in Jamestown - Netflix

Mayflower Activities - Den School

Mayflower Compact Activities and Info - Mom's Mustard Seeds

Early Colonial History Videos and Activities - Have Fun with History

Early American Lessons and Activities  - Squidoo

Online Games and Info - Plimouth.org

Pilgrim Unit Ideas and Activities - Refined Metals Academy

Mayflower History

Early American History Lesson Plans

Pilgrim Crafts - Activity Village

Resources for the Dear America books - Scholastic

Early American History Info - Raising Refounders

Jamestown Info - History Is Fun

Early American Lessons and Activities - Mr Donn

Plymouth Web Quest

Colonization Lesson Plan

Pilgrim Activities - Kiddy House

Early Colonial History Activities - Adventures in Mommydom

Jamestown Game - History Globe

Virtual Jamestown

America in 1607 - Nat Geo

Lost Colony of Roanoke Info - How Stuff Works

Lost Colony of Roanoke Info, Activities, Printables - LearnNC.org

Lost Colony of Roanoke Lesson Plans - TeachingUSHistory.org

Jamestown and Plymouth Info - Social Studies for Kids

Jamestown and Plymouth Info - Kids Past

Lost Colony Info - PBS

The Science of Jamestown - PBS

SHEW!!! It took me a long time to put all of this together! So glad to make it to the end!! LOL

We will be exploring the difference in colonies. The difference in WHY and HOW they were established.  We may even try to recreate them somehow... MAYBE.... ;)

Later on I will be making a unit study on Thanksgiving, so I didn't include any resources in THIS study.

I hope this helps! :D


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