October 11, 2013

Secret Subject Swap - Take 2 - October

Welcome to Take Two of October’s Secret Subject Swaps. This week 12 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.


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What was your favorite thing to imagine as a child?

It was submitted by: dates2diapers2.blogspot.com    

I was an only child so I had LOTS of time to play by myself. Most of that time was spent in imaginary worlds. When I got the chance to play with my cousins, I would try to drag them into those worlds as well.

The very first thing that I can remember ever imagining on a regular basis  was WONDER WOMAN!!! Complete with Underoos and yellow jump rope!

(pic from Wikipedia)

No one else was allowed to be Wonder Woman. *I* was Wonder Woman!!!!!

Now, tell the truth! Nothing but the truth!!

I was also obsessed with Charlie's Angels. I wanted to be Sabrina!!


For my 4th Birthday I received a Sabrina doll and I was in HEAVEN!!!!!

Then I discovered reading....... I became Laura Ingalls! My cousin and I were ALWAYS arguing over who got to be Laura. Neither of us wanted to be that goody-two-shoes Mary. Although, our behavior was more reminiscent of Nelly.

In between I was Clara Barton or Amelia Earhart. Whatever book I was reading at the time. Although, I always went back to either Wonder Woman or Laura Ingalls.

All in all I think I see a pattern here. LOL I wanted to be a strong woman. Most of them are easy to see but if you think about it, living on the prairie and putting up with Nelly wasn't easy! ;)

PLEASE, go check out all the amazing posts!!!!!


  1. I love this! I wanted to be the pink power ranger, and then like you discovered books. Harry Potter. Still one of my all time favorites. My first chapter book was Secrets of the Droon. Hidden magical door in the basement! Travel all over with a fluffy pillow? I am glad you got this prompt!

  2. All that childhood imagination served you well. You are, in fact, a very strong woman!

  3. Hey I had Wonder Woman underoos too! How about that? ;-)

  4. You ARE a strong woman! My son is reading Little House now. Is it wrong that I was in love with Alfonso AND Pa?
    Now. If only underroos came in grown-up sizes, I would be wearing the heck out of those things!

  5. Thank you SO much, Cassandra!!!
    HP is my ALLLLL TIME favorite!!! I am such a Potter Head! LOL ;)

  6. AHHH!!!! Thank you SO much, Karen!!!! <3!!!!

  7. I can totally see the double crush!! LOL
    Yeah, someone REALLY needs to make Underoos for adults!!! I would live in them! LOL

  8. This is so cute! I always wanted to be Trixie Beldon or Nancy Drew! **Just to give you a heads up--the link for my blog in the swap list is incorrect---it needs a www. in front if it in case you want to swing by!

  9. I LOVED both Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew! I even tried to write a mystery story when I was 12. LOL

    OH!! I'll go fix it! I hopped over to your blog but I did it from my address bar.

  10. Hi there, isn't it fun to go back in time and imagine what we used to imagine?

    PS: I wanted to be Jill from Charlie's Angels, loved her big hair.

  11. Hi, Tamara!!! It's SO much fun!!
    Loved Jill, too!! LOL I loved them all but for Sabrina was always my fave. ;)

  12. I always wanted underoos - I always always always wanted them. So much so that when I see the grown up ones - I put them in my cart to 'take a ride' at the store but am never able to make myself buy them!

    And Charlie's Angels - and books. I love love love books. Always have. Always will. And I remember sitting in my elementary library the day I discovered Little House on the Prairie.

    Thank you for reminding me of these great childhood memories! You Rock!!!

  13. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!! So happy to bring back good memories for you! :D

    Wait... They HAVE adult Underoos??? WHERE?? I need to know!!!!! LOL

  14. OMG....love this. I can totally relate to this post. I too can almost imagine becoming the person I am watching and now as I read...I feel like I am part of the story....

  15. Around Christmas time I've seen them at the big stores - Target and WalMart or Herbergers/Von Maur/Younkers....

  16. Definitely looking for them!!! I saw some on Amazon, too!


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