July 9, 2012

McCall's 6467 and Upcoming Tutorials

I have been working on the McCall's 6467 but I have hit a brick wall. I need more bias tape!! And I am so sunburned that I can't even wear regular clothes so I can't go to the store! Let's just say that I have been celebrating No Bra Day for the past 3 days....LOL The seat belt is a real problem for me.... You see, I couldn't quite stay out of the pool yesterday or today... I know, I know... Stupid move... But I LOVE the water!! And I wore a t-shirt and gobbed on the sunblock..... Yeah, it didn't help much. I now have a blistered face and one hand. SIGH..... Will it keep me out of the water??? Probably not. LOL

Anyway, here is where I stand with the McCall's 6467-

Dang, 3 yards of bias tape doesn't go very far does it?? LOL I think it's really helping the look of the blouse, though. The Hubby thought I was making a nightie.... LOL He says the bias tape makes look more like a blouse. ;)

Soooo, since I can't work on the blouse I figured I would work on a couple of tutorials for y'all. ;) Here are the fabrics that I put together. I have a plan for each set but I can't figure out which one I want to do first!

And for Carol.....

Either way it goes, I hope to have a new tutorial up for you tomorrow!!! :) In the mean time you can always check out my tutorials page or my Pinterest! There are tons of tutorials and free patterns and such on there!


  1. your blouse is coming along well! I like the contrast bias tape!

  2. Ouch girlie. You burn like I do.....very easily. lol Hope you feel better.

  3. VERY easily!! I am still hurting in some areas... LOL But others have started that lovely peeling stage that makes me look like I have leprosy! LOL

  4. Bless your heart.. Nothing worse than sunburn... and the peeling is awful too.. So sorry..Hope you feel better soon.
    Isn't it frustrating ,when you run out of bias tape midstream of sewing. I hate it.. I bought me a couple sizes of the bias tape makers..So, I can make my own..SO easy and much cheaper.. Plus, you can make all kinds of colors ..[polka dots are my favorite].. Happysewing.

  5. Thank you so much, Judy!!
    Oh!! I never thought about making my own!! That would be perfect!!!

  6. I love the contrast with the bias tape (and thanks for the cat!)

  7. Thank you!!!! :)

    Just wait until tonight's post!! LOL

  8. Stacy, have you seen the post I pinned on Pinterest to make your own bias tape maker? Looks pretty easy.

  9. Thanks, Lambie!! I will check it out!!!


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