April 15, 2013

Canada - A Country Unit Study

I decided to put up a few small units while we are waiting to move. Our schooling is actually on hold while the house is all crazy with boxes and packing and ensuing chaos! LOL

As with all my units, I try to incorporate things for all ages.

BOOKS  (All book covers should be clickable links.)


PRINTABLES   (Starts with free and goes to cheap.)

Canada Lapbook - Homeschool Share

Coloring pages - Colour Canada

Canada Printables - DLTK-Kids

Canada Printables, Lesson Plans and Crafts - Crayola

Canada Printables and Crafts - Activity Village

Canada Worksheets - Education.com

Canada Printables - ABC Teach

Canada Lesson Place, Worksheets, etc - Teacher Planet

All Across Canada - Currclick - 50 cents

Canada Mini Lapbook - Currclick - $1

Countries of the World Activities and Copywork - Canada - Currclick - $2

Canada Unit Study - Currclick - $3.50   (also on Amazon for Kindle - $2.99, free for Prime members)

Canada Notebooking Pages - Currclick - $4.95

Expedition Canada - Amanda Bennett  - $8.95

Canada Lapbook - Hands of a Child - $9


Learn About Canada - Squidoo

Facts About Canada - Squidoo

Canada - Time for Kids

Canada - Nat Geo Kids

Canada Facts - Kids World Travel Guide

Canada - Kids Konnect

There you go!! It's not a large unit but it ought to be enough to get you going! ;)

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