April 1, 2013

Colin's 6th Birthday!

Yesterday was my baby's 6th Birthday!! We celebrated it with Cailey's the weekend before so that Easter would be more for Easter. ;)

Here is a picture timeline for Colin!!!

Colin was born 5 weeks early. He was such a tiny little thing. He weighed 5 Lbs 10 oz and was 18" long. The nurses all called him Little Peanut. :) Thankfully, even though he was so early, there were no problems other than a tiny bit of jaundice.  We were so blessed.

 photo Colins2ndBday006.jpg

I'll be posting more about this last picture tomorrow! ;)


  1. Wow.. what adorable photos.. They grow up so fast, don't they? Collin was a beautiful baby and such a cute little boy... Happy birthday Collin.
    ps Do you have a new email address? I tried to email you last week, but it came back?

  2. Thank you!!! :)

    Nope, it's the same email BUT I couldn't access anything while on the trip and my emails backed up. :/

    tgoswife (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  3. Happy Birthday to a beautiful boy who looks exactly like his Mommy!

  4. What a sweetie... love, love, love little boys! :)

  5. Thank you! :)
    He really is a little sweetie. He loves to say I love you and cuddle. Hoping that lasts as long as possible! LOL

  6. Happy Birthday, Little Colin!

  7. Happy Birthday, Colin. What a handsome young man. You were a beauriful baby. I know that isn't something you want to hear right now, but Mom's love to see beautiful babies. Have a lovely 6th year. God bless you.


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