April 19, 2013

Fly on the Wall - April

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OMGosh!! Do I have some good ones for you this month!!! ROFLMBO!!!!!

I have been having Joshua and Deanna help out with supper a lot lately. The fibro has NOT been kind to me....

ANYWAY, I am resting in my room when the following happens.

Deanna opens the door and walks in. She has a beater from the mixer STUCK IN HER HAIR!!!!

Deanna - Momma, Momma!!! Help me get this out!!!!

Me - *hysterical laughter* Can't breath!!! *more hysterical laughter* I'll help you..... Just give me a second. *more hysterical laughter*

Deanna - This is going on your blog isn't it?

Me - You better believe it.

I almost grabbed my camera.... LOL ;)

Deanna and I are in my room chatting when Joshua walks in.

Joshua - Did you know if you smack a bonkey's mutt...

Deanna shoots Sprite out of her nose.

I collapse in a fit of laughter with tears streaming down my face.

We never did find out what happens if you smack a monkey's butt.....

While we were at The Wilderness at the Smokies we had to get on the elevator about a thousand times.

Deanna - You can run out of air in an elevator!!!

Me - Ummm... NO, you can't!

Deanna - Yes!! You can!

Me - Ummmm... NO, YOU CAN'T! It's isn't air tight or anything!!  Air can still get in!

Cailey to Deanna - I am just so unappreciated.


The Hubby's friend talked him into playing Farmville 2. Then the rest of us were roped in. SIGH.... And now we are all addicted.

At least a few times a day you can hear The Hubby on the phone with his friend having serious conversations about crops and livestock. Trust me, it's freakin' hilarious!!!!

On more Farmville 2 news......

The Hubby to me - Your farm is a mess! There are animals everywhere! You know what that means.... Animal sh*^.....

Me to The Hubby - You realize it isn't a real farm, right???? There is NO animal crap!!!!

We are watching The Voice on DVR when The Hubby starts fast forwarding.

Me - What are you doing? I want to hear the stories!!

The Hubby - I don't! I don't want to hear about some "unique, 2 armed, one legged man". They will only get by because the audience feels sorry for them. (There was actually no story of the kind. He was just being facetious.)

A few days later we are watching The Walking Dead with Joshua and Deanna. Hershel comes on the screen and Deanna busts out laughing!!

Deanna - OMGOSH!! It's a unique, 2 armed, one legged man!!!!!

The Hubby was not amused.... But the rest of us thought it was hilarious!! ;)

Colin and Deanna are playing Harry Potter Legos together.

Colin lets one rip.

Colin to Deanna - That wasn't in the game!

He then starts laughing hysterically.

Deanna - Oh! Hey! I can lick my armpit!!!

Cailey - I can make my neck fart!!!!!!

Colin to Cailey - Cailey, just look at the predicament you got us into!!!

Colin - She means that wigglerly. (He meant literally.)

There's more but dumby me forgot to write them down!!

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  1. You have your own comedy team there! Still grinning.
    You know, I gave up Farmville when I realized I was stuck in front of my computer harvesting for all I was worth, while my REAL corn patch was being overtaken with weeds. A moment of reality - and I deleted the app. ;)

  2. ROFLOL!!! I USED to play a lot of the games and then stopped for about a year.... I blame The Hubby for this lapse.....

  3. What a fun family! You have to love it when a kid says, "I feel so unappreciated." We are watching "The Voice" as well, this season. The background stories are my favorite...We need to know WHY we're rooting the singers on, right? Great Fly, Stacy! I loved all of it!

  4. Thanks, Michele!!!
    You are exactly right!! I love the background stories, too!!! The Hubby makes me crazy sometimes! LOL

  5. I farm on Farmville 2 also...it's a scary thing sometimes.

    We are thinking about checking out Wilderness of the Smokies as well (I live in Kentucky). Is it worth the money?

  6. First, I want to say how sorry I am that your Fibro is acting up.
    Second, I can't believe you got this all together and posted on the day you're moving.
    Third, this was just too funny. I SO wish you had gotten a picture of the beater fiasco. I've had my share of kitchen issues, but I seem to have missed that one!

  7. It is definitely worth it. The kids had a blast!! Also, kids eat free with every paying adult. Just book early so you don't have a 2 mile hike from your room to the lobby!! LOL

  8. Yep! The movers are loading us up as we speak!! LOL Blogging keeps me sane! ;) Well, saner than I would be... ;)

    THANK YOU!!!

  9. Aw, I really want to know what happens when you smack a monkey's butt!

    My daughter got her guitar stuck in her hair the other day. It was funny and cute. Poor thing...

    Thanks for sharing the good times!

  10. ROFL!! I know!! We keep forgetting to ask him. At this point, with all the teasing we have done, I doubt he will tell us and I'm a little afraid to Google it... LOL
    LOL! I'm not even going to ask how that happened!

  11. I would love to visit with your kids! I know I would love them! My grand daughter has been calling me Herschel since I have been hobbling around on my crutches! Wishing you a smooth move!

  12. ROFL!!!! Too funny!!!!!
    THANK YOU!!!! The movers are loading us up right now!! I can't wait to hit the road! :D

  13. Ohhhh you got some really good ones this time! I would have loved to see the beater in the hair picture! How on earth did that happen??? And the Farmville--my sister was so addicted--she tried to rope me in but I resisted. The I started getting these weird messages on Fb about helping her buy a pig or some corn crops---I was like, WTH???? and your hubby's comment on The Voice--HYSTERICAL! Love this post--you did a great job!

  14. So great! I wanted to read an entire post dedicated to the mixer in the hair. I don't even need a picture, I can visualize it perfectly. Thanks for sharing your hilarious family.

  15. ROFLOL!!! THANK YOU!!!!!
    I STILL wish I had taken a pic.... It would have been great blackmail! LOL

  16. This is a sitcom in the making! I love how your daughter immediately says this is going on your blog isn't it regarding the beater situation. Too funny. I was cracking up that your husband is on you about cleaning up your "farm". I have a hard enough time keeping the actual house clean let alone the "farm" LOL. Loved it!

    She definitely worries about the blog now. LOL

  18. "This is going on your blog, isn't it?" Haha!! She knows her mommy well, and I mean that wigglerly :)

  19. ROFLMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Kristi!!!!!!!


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