April 5, 2013

Secret Subject Swap - April Take 1

YIPPPEEEE!!! It's Secret Subject Swap time!!!! :D

Welcome to Take One of April’s Secret Subject Swaps. This week, 12 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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Your “Secret Subject” is:

What's your favorite book? Why? If you could have the author write one more book about those characters, what do you wish he/she would write about?

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OK, you know this was an easy one for me!! LOL My favorite books of ALLLLLLL time have to be the Harry Potter books!!! That series, to me, is the most magical (no pun intended) (OK, maybe the pun was intended) series that I have ever read. You are transported to a fantastical place where anything is possible. That is why I read! I read to be transported from my daily life to someplace else and no other series does it better.

I just recently reread the series for the I don't know what time. 10th maybe?? Something like that anyway. SIGH... I wish it could go on forever!!!!!

HP is more than just a children's series. It is actually very deep, very moving, very thought provoking!

Now, that being said, I did get quite mad at JK Rowling over the last book.... I won't say anything more specific just in case someone out there hasn't read them and plans on it in the future. BUT, if you have read them you know what I mean! ARGH!!!!!!!

So, if I could make JK Rowling write more HPs, I would want to know more about Dumbledore! You just can't write all that stuff about him and not elaborate!! LOL I want DETAILS!!!!


AND I would not be adverse to books about James and Lily! Tell us EVERYTHING!!! PLEASE!!!!!

Or how about Harry's kids?? There's a lot that can be told there, too!

I just want MORE!!! More Harry Potter!! More of that world!!!!

Now, be sure to check out the other swappers and their secret subjects!!!!


  1. Stacy, the series is one of my favorites too. We were worried about our son (who was 11) handling the end of the books. He was so into them! To be honest, I think Rowling made reading cool (for everyone) again. It was wonderful seeing people carrying those huge books around :)

  2. Yes!! I can remember when my older kids first started reading them. They were entranced! It was awesome!!

  3. I should have known what you'd pick. And I agree, the books are about so much more than just the story. The best books have all those layers so you can go back and read them again at different stages in your life and get something more from them than you did the last time.

  4. Exactly!!!
    I am always shocked by how much more I find after every reread.

  5. I admit I am not a harry potter fan, but you just made it so funny lol

  6. I have never read the books. I didn't care much for the movies, so never tried the books (ducks to avoid something being thrown at my head). HOWEVER, I AM a Hunger Games nerd. To the point that I plan to get a tattoo of the Mockingjay with the words "May the odds be ever in your favor" around it, as well as a tattoo that reads "Every revolution begins with a spark" some where and whatever the catch phrase will be when Mockingjay comes out. And I, too, was quite upset when Suzanne Collins ended the series......

  7. Oh Lordy... I knew I loved you for a reason. <3
    We're all crazy about the books too.
    So much that we have 6 cats named after the characters: Lily, Snape, Alastor, Luna, Bellatrix & Draco. :D

  8. If I didn't love you before, I do now. Potterheads unite! You're so right, they're so much more than "children's books". They're about life, love, forgiveness, well the list goes on and on. I could write a book myself about everything I got from these novels. <3

  9. My husband and I are CRAZY about Harry Potter!! And, as of Wednesday, my kids LOVE the movies, too! Favorite series ever, by far. There's just SO much to them. SO much. J.K. Rowling works magic with her writing!

  10. P.S. Our cats are named Luna Lovegood and Professor Minerava McGonagall :)

  11. When the Harry Potter series came out I was already an adult, however I fell in love with the first movie. I've seen all of them, though I was disenchanted with a couple of the darker ones. I went to see the last one in the theater, and I was very, very sad that it was all going to be over. It was like friends that I had known for many years moving far away.

  12. I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. I agree with you back stories are so intriguing. I AM OBSESSED with Twilight and wish I could have more stories and furture stories too. I totally get it (((HUGS))) Great job babe1

  13. WOOO HOOO!! I am always so glad to see that other people love them as much as I do!!! <3 <3 <3!!!

  14. YAY!!!!!!!
    All my kids are fans, too!! The little ones are fans of the movies and games and my older 3 LOVE the books! We have to pass it down and keep it going! :)

  15. I was definitely in mourning after the last movie. It was horrible for me after the last book but I knew there would be the movies. After the movies I knew that would be it. The end of an era so to speak. SIGH.....

  16. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
    I am huge fan of the Twilight books. HUGE!!!

  17. Absolutely agree. Even with that many books, of such wonderful detail, there's still more I'd love to know. But especially about James and Lily. It would be awesome to have that one fleshed out for me. Is that bookend/holder thing yours? Because I would looovvvve to have that! Any idea where it came from?

  18. I WISH it was mine! LOL I tried to trace the picture but it was a dead link on Pinterest. :/ I would love to own it!!

  19. Lol ...I dunno you might be right....I think those were the last books that I actually read! I miss reading those >.< It must be my favorites of all time too even though they're kids books and well cuz I haven't picked up anymore books lately besides "I just want to pee alone" which is amazing so far! I can't wait to finish it!

  20. OMGosh!! I have to try that book!!! It's a major quest in my life! LOL


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