June 29, 2013

Will You Sew Along??

It's almost time for Skirting the Issue!!!  I can't wait!!! I do believe that this was the very first sew along where I was a participant.

It is always such a blessing to me to be able to serve others through sewing. It brings me such joy to know that I can touch a child's life. With Skirting the Issue, the skirts (or shorts) will go to children in foster care of all ages. There will also be other ideas of where you can donate your sewn items.

I also have some news of my own...... JACOB IS HOME!!!! He moved back in this week. I can't tell you how THRILLED I am to have him home. It has been like a knife in my heart since last November.

We have also been having TONS of company and having TONS of fun!!!

This past week we went to the Smokies to enjoy some time with my dad and stepmother. We stayed at a cabin in the woods and went to the Ripley's Aquarium and NASCAR Speedway (a small amusement park). We all had a BLAST!!! I will be posting pictures from our trip very soon. I think I took around 300! LOL It takes a lot of time to go through them all..... ;)

Next week we have company coming for the 4th! YIPPPEEE!!!

ANYWAY, I really hope that you will all consider sewing along with Skirting the Issue.

Before I get started, I will be making Colin a few items AND redoing our chest of drawers to match the headboard. ;)



  1. Jacob is home!!!!!!!!!! yea, yea... I am so excited for him and his family... I know this is making your new home...so much better..
    How is hubby doing with his new job? Hope he is liking it.
    I am going to do my best to do the skirting the issues. What sizes do you do? and where do you send them? Let me know, the details.. Hugs,

  2. Thanks, Judy!! We are SOOOOOOO thrilled to have him home!!!
    The Hubby is still really liking his job. Thank the Lord!!

    Well, last year I made up a bunch of different sizes from toddler to teen and I mailed them to the address provided on Project Run & Play. BUT they will add links to other places you can send them to if you want or you can send them to you local foster care agency.

  3. Sounds good Stacy, I will just make some different sizes, I hate to say it, but our social services here, are not very good .So, getting them to another place , would be better.
    I looked on the link, but didn't see anything about where to send them.. I am sure, they will post more later,... just keep me posted, if you hear anything. Thank you for sharing, I like to sew for "real needs".. I feel so blessed to help others ..

  4. Yep, they will update with all the info later. They will also have tons of tutorials and fun stuff.
    That is such a same about your social services. So sad. :/
    Yep! Doing for others is such a HUGE blessing!!!!!!

  5. I love this idea. I hadn't heard of this sew along before but I'm going to check it out! I can't wait for the skirt tutorials too - I love making them for my daughters :)

  6. OOps, that might not have come out right - I love making them for my daughters and would love to make them for others too! :)

  7. YAY!!!!! That's why I shared! I want to help spread the message! ;)


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