June 11, 2013

Monkey Business

My latest set for Sewing to Rebuild has been taken over by monkeys!! LOL

Monkey Business 008

Monkey Business 004

Monkey Business 003

Next up (and last for the Sewing to Rebuild) will be another boy's set.

After that I will be getting busy sewing for MY kids. LOL Colin has been complaining that it has been too long since I made him something. It will be a part of Hopeful Threads June sewing project.

Hopeful Threads

I have some really cute knit that I have been thinking about making into PJs for Colin and a nightgown for Cailey. Colin also needs some new shorts! Then I think I will break out some patterns that I have been meaning to get to.



  1. The bubble suit is so cute. Love the monkey fabric..
    Yep-----It's time for Mama to sew for the kiddos.. All this cute stuff
    is got them wanting something too.ha Happy sewing.

  2. Thanks, Judy!!! :)
    Happy sewing to you, too!!!

  3. Perhaps I should explain my comment. It's just an odd habit of adding .com to phrases I come up with. It is as if to say, if there isn't a website, there should be one or maybe I will start one. :)


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