December 9, 2014

Blog with Friends - Jolly Jinglers - Elf Hat and Shoes Tutorial

Welcome to the Jolly Jinglers edition of Blog with Friends!!! This month we have 8 bloggers joining together to bring you some holiday fun!!!!

For my part, I will be showing you how to make elf hats and shoes. Don't be scared, it was MUCH easier than I expected once I worked it all out. ;)


For 1 set 
1 yard of fleece
Ribbon in 2 colors
Stiff interfacing (you can use cardboard, poster board, etc.) 
Stuffing (you can use scrap fleece or whatever you like)
Freezer paper to draw my pattern


I drew out my pattern and cut it out. The height is 17" and the width of the base is 10 1/2. This makes it big enough for Cailey (10), Colin (7) and myself. 

Fold the fleece in half. Place your pattern with one edge on the fold and cut.

I also cut a strip for around the bottom of the hat at 5" x 10". 


Now, pin your ribbon on the hat. I spaced mine out by 2".

Then sew on the ribbon. 


Now, fold the hat over, lining up the ribbon ends.
Pin in place and sew the side seam. 


Fold the strip in half and pin the cut ends to the bottom of the hat as shown.
Sew with a zigzag stitch while pulling slightly on the long strip.
After it is attached to the bottom of the hat, pin the ends of the long strip together and sew the seam.

Turn right side out and your hat is DONE!!!!! 


Now, on to the shoes!!!!!


Trace around your child's foot onto the freezer paper. This will be the pattern for the bottom of the elf shoes.
DO NOT TRACE their shoe!!!!!! LOL I learned this the hard way. It will make the elf shoes WAY too big and you will have to start alllll over again. ;)

Then draw out the sides of the shoes. I am TERRIBLE at drawing but that was easy. Don't be afraid to draw out your own patterns. If I can do it, anyone can. Seriously, I can't even draw stick people very well. ;)

Anyway, you want to keep the proportions similar to what I have drawn so that the tops of the shoes will fit around the bottom of the shoes.


Use your patterns to cut 4 sides and 4 bottoms. (One of the bottoms will go inside the shoe when it's done.)


Cut 2 of the bottoms from the interfacing, cardboard, poster board, whatever....


Pin and sew the heel seams and stop. If you are using a print, make sure the right sides are together.


Open up the sides and pin the bottom to it. You can pin one side and sew the seam or both sides and sew the seam, whatever you are comfortable with. 
In either case, do NOT sew the front of the shoe.
When pinning the sides, make sure both pieces meet in the center of the front of the bottom piece. Make sure to sew it securely.


Now, pin the rest of the sides together and sew the seam all the way up to the top.

Turn the shoe right side out!
Stuff the front all the way to the tip of the toes.
Insert your interfacing piece.
Now insert your extra bottom piece. 

Do all the steps again to make the 2nd shoe!!

Cailey and Colin LOVE their elf hats and shoes!!!!

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Make sure to check out all the AWESOME projects!! :D

                           HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!


  1. Those elf hats /shoes are ADORABLE.. the kids look so happy and know they are enjoying them..
    Have fun.. enjoy these young days.. SO fun!!!
    Merry Christmas.

    1. Thank you, Judy!!! They love them! They have been wanting to wear them everywhere! LOL
      I am definitely soaking up as much as I can. I know exactly how fast it can go. WAH!!!!! :(
      MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours!!!

  2. Stacy, I LOVE these!! Your creativity with this is amazing. I bet the kids loved their new holiday accessories!!

    1. Thank you SO much!!!!! :D
      They are so excited about them! LOL They are probably going to wear them out before Christmas even gets here! LOL

  3. The picture of Colin and Cailey in the Elf hats and shoes are priceless. Cutest holiday pic I've seen so far.
    This was such a fun project to share!

  4. Squeeee! I can hand sew these, right?? Not sure I'd be any better at that than with a machine, but I can't afford the machine, so... ;)

    1. Absolutely!!!! Although, Walmart and Kmart usually have REALLY good deals on sewing machines! You can usually get a basic one for less than $100.

  5. Those are super cute. I totally don't sew - even though I know the basics of HOW to sew. This looks like something even I could do!

    1. Thanks, Lydia!!!!
      They were super easy once I worked out the sizing! LOL

  6. Your kids look super cute dreseed as elves. This pattern looks easy too. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Merry Merry,
    Hello I would call these: Noel and Stella Elfkins. (Noel is French for Christmas and Stella is Italian for Star).
    Thank you for sharing the Idea, love it!

    1. OH!! That is such a CUTE name!!!! :D Thank you for suggesting it!!!

  8. "Ready for our 'elfies'" (where's the smart phone???) lol


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