December 8, 2014

Our Week in Review - Nov. 28th to Dec. 6th

Ok, so it's a little more than a week, don't be picky. ;)
We have been SUPER busy despite the fact that Colin's allergies are back in a big way. I swear, can't we have everyone in the house healthy at one time??? PLEASE?? What would it take???

Here's crazy Cloud. She still thinks she's a tiny kitten. I find her all over the house in the weirdest places!!! 

How he manages to get his food all over his face is a mystery to me. LOL

We went to pick out our tree the day after Thanksgiving. Colin got to help cut it down. 
I love the little tree farm! The elderly couple that own are super nice! The kids always get a candy cane and the gentleman always helps tie the tree to the top of the van. 
SO glad to be living back where we can go to them. 

Cailey and Colin helped decorate the tree. They LOVE that part so much!!!! 
BUT, can you see the tree listing to one side??? Right after this picture the tree fell over. EVERY single thing fell off except for one drum ornament. 

This is how it looked the second time we decorated it.
Notice I said how it LOOKED.... Well, now it seems that we have a leak in our tree stand. All the water that we thought was sustaining our tree was actually pouring out all over the presents. 
I bought a new stand but I haven't been able to talk anyone into helping me switch it out. It needs to be done quickly, though... Our tree is drying out!!

 We went to the Home Depot kids' workshop. Cailey and Colin love them so much. They got to make garden stakes for Christmas! They are now lining our walkway. ;)

We went to Bass Pro to see Santa. BUT (there's always a BUT) when we went to get in line we were told that they were handing out passes to see Santa at 3. It was 11:30. :/ Soooo, we went over to watch the fish feeding. After that we stayed for the craft.

I didn't want to drive home just to drive back to see Santa so I took the kids to get something to eat and do a little Dollar Tree shopping. 

We got back to Bass Pro at 2:30 and went to get in line. Here is where I had a "Christmas Story" experience....
We walk up and it looks like there's no one in line. I show the lady my Bass Pass. She says, "That's great but you need to get at the end of the line," and points behind me. 
I kid you not, the line was to the back of the store. 
An hour later the kids had finally gotten to see Santa.

They were SOOOOOO happy!!!!

Tomorrow will be the December edition of Blog with Friends!! WOOO HOOO!! The Jolly Jinglers!!!
My part will be a tutorial for the elf hats that the Cs are wearing PLUS elf shoes!! WOOO HOOO!!!

Then coming up soon, the tutorial for the houndstooth circle skirt that Cailey is wearing in the Santa pic. 


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