May 8, 2015

Secret Subject Swap - May 2015

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week, 16 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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My subject is “
Summer is rapidly approaching, and many vacation, but not everyone can. What would a "stay-cation" look like for you and your family?  ”. It was submitted by Disneyland in Kentucky . Here goes: 

Vacation?? Vacation?? What's that?? It sounds familiar... 

We are not vacationers, unfortunately. I LOVE to travel but The Hubby hates to be away from home or work more than a day or two. SIGH.... So,  I guess you could say that we are seasoned staycationers.
What we do during our staycations depends on where we are living at the time. So far, I would have to say that Knoxville is my favorite city for staycationing. There's just SO MUCH to do that you really don't need to travel anywhere else! Well, we went to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg a few times, but really, that's the same area so it doesn't count as an actual vacation. 

Here are the posts I wrote about those staycations.

Last year we were in the process of moving (again) so we spent a month by the pool of the hotel we were staying in.

This year we will probably be hitting the art museum A LOT!! It's free and nice and cool inside. 

We like to take advantage of all the local stuff any time we can and when you live a decent sized city, there's usually plenty of stuff to do. We'll hit some museums, maybe the zoo, lots of different parks, botanical garden, that kind of stuff. We may even get to visit the local theme park for a day. I am also considering a membership to the local pool. 

So, really, it's not much different than what we do throughout the year as homeschoolers. We try to get out and about as much as we can.

I guess this year we might take it bit easier. We'll have to watch and see how Colin does with his asthma and the heat. 

OH! I remember what vacation means now!! Deanna, Cailey and Colin and I took a mini vacation to Hilton Head a couple of years ago for our family reunion. SO MUCH FUN!!!

I wish we could go back this year!!!!

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  1. I totally agree that staying local and getting to do all the things you are just too busy for is WONDERFUL! I really enjoy our day trips, because at the end of the day we get to come back home.

    1. There's no place like home. But sometimes I would just love to take a couple of weeks and travel. LOL

  2. I think if you're a staycationer a pool membership is a must!

  3. We've got a stay-cation coming up. I'm looking forward to a week off from work with no packing involved. I'm ready to explore our area more in depth!

  4. I remember your pool adventures!
    Scavenger and treasure hunts are always a great way to spend vacation time at home!

  5. I don't vacation or stay-cation -- wonder what it is called when you never take a break - CRAZY? STUPID? Maybe some day

  6. We haven't done a big vacation in a while. I think we might do Chicago again this year or upper Michigan.

    It's always fun to explore your city though :)

  7. I have 7 dogs, 7 cats, a lizard, a fish, 4 ducks, and now Im rehabilitating an injured flying squirrel, so I am a seasoned staycationer myself. Id love to get away for a couple weeks though. It would do my brain some good.

  8. Learning the area you are in, doing new things, coming home to your own bed at night? Staycations are wonderful

  9. Staycations can be the best. I find it fun to look for lost treasures, places of interest, out of the way little diners and such. It can be lots of fun and the best part, you sleep in your own bed at night.

  10. Our idea of a "vacation" is when my parents visit. So we just piggyback on their vacation!


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