August 6, 2012

An Awesome Milestone and a New Contest!

Soooo... Remember when I said I would have a new contest if I hit over 1,000 views in one day? Well, it HAPPENED!! TODAY!!! WOOOOO HOOOOO YIPPPPPEEEE!!! I can't believe it!!! Pinch me, please!! (Just not too hard. ;))

And then I was going through my e-mails and what should I see??? The Fab Mod Dress featured on's e-mail!!! AND the links to the Eyelet Tank and the Peasant Blouse and Gingham Capris!!! I just couldn't believe it. You could have knocked me over with a feather! LOL I just feel so very, very blessed right now. I have been praying about sewing and blogging. I asked God to show me if this was what was meant for me to do. I think I got my answer. LOL Thank you, Lord!!!

I have gone most of my life never really finding a "talent" for anything. I was OK at this or that but never really good at anything. Now, I'm not saying I am great at sewing.... LOL I still have SOOOO much to learn, but I think this is it. I think I have finally found something that I CAN be good at. And I want to thank you all for going on this journey with me. Thank you for supporting my dream. :)

Now, on to the good stuff before I start crying. LOL

The Contest!


1- You MUST be a follower through e-mail, Facebook, Networked Blogs or Bloglovin'. How else will you know if you've won????

2- Leave a comment telling me about your talent or lack thereof.....  ;)

Easy peasy!

Here is the prize!

1 large book cover

1 small book cover

1 Nook/Kindle/Tablet cover

AND I will give you some fabric choices so they will be just right for YOU ;)

Here are some examples of the book covers I have made in the past.

What do you think? Good prize?

Now, don't forget to comment!!! And don't be upset if I don't comment back on this one. It's easier for me to keep track of how many people enter if I don't have to pick through my own comments. ;)

If you have any questions just click the Contact Me button at the top of the page and shoot me an e-mail!


The contest will end Monday, August 13th. The winner to be announced no later than Noon on Tuesday, August 14th.


  1. I have none, that is why I leave it to the experts lol! =) Congratulations!

  2. Congradulations... You are doing fantastic !!! God is awsome, He leads us..... Love the book covers..toooo cute.

  3. What I'm good at? I can crochet, but not knit. I can sew (when the mood strikes). I can't read sheet music, so musical instruments are out of the question (and I've always wanted to play the piano).

    I'm so happy for you!!! I'm glad you've found something you enjoy, and I can see your improvement with every project!

  4. What am I good at??? I can cook! Momma taught me that quite well. I have FINALLY mastered her biscuits and gravy :)) I love to scrap book. Another one of those I started cause of Mom. And thanks to you, I'm getting the courage up to start sewing. I havent gotten the sewing machine out yet (still a little nervous about it but I'm getting there). I'm in the process of sewing 2 pillows for a Christmas present. And I'm doing that by hand.

    Your an amazing teacher Stacy. Thanks for giving me the courage to try. :))

  5. Isn't God magnificent? He shows us His love every minute of every day if we are only open to His will. God bless you, Stacy. To answer your question. I have recently discovered that God is showing a talent to me which I never knew I had. I am good at organization and public relations, or rather He is teaching me.

  6. I make super cute tutus!!! I can not sew lol, Still have not figured out my sewing machine but I hope to get there soon! I also have the awesome power of organization ( for other people ) myself not so much :)

  7. Congratulations, Stacy!!!! I'm so proud of you!!!
    Talent? My mom THINKS I'm talented at a lot of things. Cooking, sewing, crocheting, and various other crafts. The poor woman. I keep trying to tell her that I'm just fairly good at following directions. :)

  8. Stacy,
    I am so happy for you! Talents or the lack there of. I am pretty good at helping the elderly at the nursing home. I use to sew years ago, but that wasn't even beginner stuff.LOL! I would love to sew again.;)

  9. Been sewing 50 years and still learning. How fun is that?

  10. Not in it for the contest, but just wanted to give my friend a shout out! Way to go Stacy!!! Talent? What is talent? ;)

  11. Congrats!! I think I was a really good Mom (if that is a talent) but I guess sewing is probably the only thing I have ever been good at. Right now though I am in the middle of 4 different projects (can you say ADD? lol) I just can't pass up a good patten!

  12. Congrats! Love the designs of the covers. ;)
    As far as talent, absolutely none as far as sewing. I can put a button back on and if pushed, can manage a hem. Won't say it will look fantastic but it will work.

    I used to crochet and knit some but not for a long time. Dabbled in cross stitching, managed a sampler and a table cloth. That was enough! Now if I want to get creative I make a bracelet or a pair of earrings.
    Already a follower of your blog. Great work BTW!

  13. Congrats on find something you really enjoy and giving you room to expand your creativity. I lime to sew too but haven't found much time to do it. Shuttermom77 at gmail dot com


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