August 22, 2012

Oopsy Turned Out OK ;)

I was making another bag today for Bags of Hope and Love when I made a little oopsy.... I sewed the bag up before adding the straps! YILES!!! There was no way that I wanted to take the whole thing apart and start over soooooo I turned it into a tote bag! LOL

I love the little froggies on it!!! :) And I think it turned into a decent tote bag. LOL I think I might make a few totes to go along with the drawstring backpacks just to change it up a bit. ;) SO glad it happened with a girl's bag and not a boy's!

I made the tote with a couple of fat quarters and lined it with sheeting. I had some yellow broadcloth that I picked out of a remnants bin and thought it would be cute to use it for contrast.

D is busy making bracelets to go in the girl bags. She's really getting into the spirit of giving. I am very proud of her! :)

I went homeschool shopping yesterday. LOL It looks a lot like regular school shopping except that I buy what *I* want! LOL I bought lots of colorful ink pens and some cool pencils. Oh, and  lots of markers and colored pencils, paints and silly looking pens!!!  I bought some things to go in the Bags of Hope and Love, too. It was a lot of fun and I found some great deals! Walmart makes me crazy but sometimes you just HAVE to go there.... LOL


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