August 2, 2012

Inspiration Hits Like a Mack Truck!

So, I'm sewing along on my jumpsuit. I am finishing up attaching the top to the bottom when I run out of red thread! YILES!!! Well, snot... Now what... I have a bad tire so I can't really run right out and get more..... What to do, what to do.... Then I started going through my sketches and nothing is really jumping at out me to do RIGHT NOW! Hmm..... So I start looking through my fabric stash and BAM!! I know exactly what I want to do next! ;)

The top 2 will be shorts for c2 and the bottom will be 2 t-shirts. I plan on appliqueing some dinosaurs on the t-shirts! :)

And I have this bias tape that is almost a perfect match!! I knew I would find a use for it when I bought it! LOL

AND I only paid 75 cents for it!


Tomorrow I ought to be able to post a tutorial for the shorts and the t-shirts! ;) YAY!!!! It might be LATE tomorrow but still.... LOL


  1. Hi Stacy, SO sorry you ran out of thread.Oh..I hate when that happens.. But love your new ideas... the fabric is so pretty and love the idea of the applique.. Have sewing fun...
    ps I had unexpected visitors today , so I didnt get to sew and I have doctors appt no sewing then.. I am in withdrawal.hahahha

  2. THANK YOU, Judy!!!! :)
    HUGS for the sewing withdrawals!! That stinks!!!! :/


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