August 1, 2012

McCall's M6362 Progress

ALMOST done!! YAY!!! I just need to finish attaching the back bodice to the bottom, hem and sew the sash! :) YAY!!!!!!  This pattern has been a breeze to follow!!! But I am starting to think I should have gone down a size..... LOL Anyway, it's says easy on the front and that has been very true. SHEW!!!!!


Don't forget, that pattern is on clearance for $3! ;)  Click HERE!!!!

I was putting the zipper in when the needle broke. Part of it flew up and hit me in the face.... LOL My 2nd oldest son (j2) said that I am the only one he knows that needs to wear goggles when they sew.... Gee, thanks... LOL  It would be SO much better with a zipper foot! WHY do I keep forgetting to get one???? Good grief!! I only remember right before I start putting one in!

I think once that is done I will make a purse out of the yellow and blue toile that I picked up the other day! :)

But then I have a few ideas floating around in my head and just might do those first...... LOL  I've been sketching a lot of ideas lately. Too bad I can't draw worth a darn! LOL

Either way it goes, I should be getting a new tutorial up soon. :)

Where do you look for inspiration? Do you just look at patterns? Or maybe stores? Pinterest?

I now have 3 tutorials up on YAY!!!!! :) It is SOOOOOO cool! LOL

So, tell me, what are YOU working on? Seriously, I want to know! LOL Talk to me! ;)


  1. This is going to be so cute.. Know your gonna love it.

    #1-Where do I get inspiration from? Others.. I look at what others have sewed and blogged about, look at sewing magazines, Patterns -actually make the pattern or how I can change them by using 2-3 different patterns, Sometimes I just dream up an idea and try to make it? Looking at RTW..

    #2- What am I working on? Well, I just got through rearranging my sewing that has been a long job. I am sewing on the sailor blouse again.[love that pattern..super easy and comfortable.]

    Happy seiwng.

  2. Thank you, Judy!!
    Y'know... I never really thought about mixing the patterns together. Thanks!! I'm going to check that out
    I love that sailor pattern!! It is SOOOO cute!!!! I'm going to have to keep my eye on Ebay! LOL


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