September 1, 2012

Labor Day Sale Fabric Finds

OMGOSH!!! Did I hit a GREAT sale at Joann's!!!! Soooo many things 50% off!!! YILES!! I left the house with $50 and I only knew of 2 things that I HAD to get. I needed black broadcloth and white satin ribbon..... LOL I have a PLAN for that! ;)

Here is what I left the store with-

I got 1 yrd of the Star Wars reg. $9.99/yrd, I paid $5.99

I got 3 yrds of the foxes at $3.49/yrd. I can't remember how much the regular price was. :/ But aren't they TOOOOOO cute????

I have NOOOO idea what the first fabric is.... It's soft and thin but it looks like a sweater?? The receipt says STON AST SOLID SLUB MELANGE SW. Anyway, it was regular $20/yrd and I got 2 yrds at $5 a yrd!!!!! This one is MINE!! ALLLLLL MINE!!!! LOL I have plans for that fabric! ;)

The next is black crushed panne, although it's hard to tell from the picture!!! I got 2 yrds at $4.19/yrd!!! I have some silver and purple crushed panne and an idea is slowly forming in my head for all of them. LOL

The first picture is black broadcloth. I paid $1.99/yrd and bought 3 yrds. :) This I have plans for!! The leftover yardage will go for straps and handles for Bags of Hope and Love <3. :)

The second picture is 3 spools of 400 yrd thread and 2 1/4"  x 3 yrds of white double face ribbon. The thread was $1 a spool!!! 1 dollar a spool! AND it's Coats and Clark! Oh, you can see the panne MUCH better in that picture! LOL

Soooo, for $50 I got 11 yrds of fabrics, 3 spools of thread and a spool of ribbon.  The only thing I paid full price for was the ribbon. LOL

I perused the remnants bin since it was 50% off but nothing really jumped out at me.  Boo. I like the remnants bins at Hancock's MUCH better! And they are a lot cheaper there, too.

So, how'd I do???

I FINISHED the McCall's M6553!!! WOOOOOO HOOOO!! I will be wearing it to church in the morning so I will be sure to take some pictures. :) I think it turned out very well and I can't wait to try other color combos! LOL

Tomorrow we have church and then a Birthday party. I am hoping to work some bags in sometime this weekend. I would like to take at least 10 full bags. I have 3 full and the ladies at church took 4 off my hands. I am hoping that there were others made and filled!! But just in case I want to make and fill at least 3 more.

Hopeful Threads has a new project for September! They are making pillowcases and e-reader covers for the military! Sounds like a GREAT idea! I will definitely be making a few to go along!!

I also have some gift projects to do for some friends of mine. They have NO idea. Hee hee hee!! I can't wait!!

I LOOOOOOVE SEWING!!! It makes me feel like I can give back not only to the community but to my friends, as well. It's AWESOME! :)

OHH!! Before I forget!! My High Low dress was in one of AllFreeSewing's Sewing It Up newsletters yesterday!!! WOOO HOOO!!!

My bag from The Retrosphere came today!! I <3 it!! It's even cuter in person!!! ;) THANK YOU Vintage Living and The Retrosphere!!!

On the D-I-E-T front.... I've lost 2 pounds! YAY!! And I have been very good for 2 days and have been sticking to it! Now about 200 more days to go..... LOL


  1. Awesome haul. Congrats.

  2. Thank you!!! I am VERY happy with them! LOL

  3. Thank you!!!! I can't WAIT to start sewing with them!!! LOL

  4. The bag is cute, yay for weight loss and fabric finds!!!

  5. Jealous of that Star Wars fabric. :-). Congrats on your 2 pounds! Go, girl!

  6. I love the fox fabric. So happy that you found great deals. Woo hoo on the weight loss.

  7. Oh what fun.. I had gotten sale papers in the mail ,before going to the hospital.. Oh sad, I missed it
    Now Stacy...don't you know Never go to a fabric store with any money and think you will only buy black fabric and ribbon? hahahahhahahaa.. Those sales are too
    Love all your new fabrics.. Can't wait to see what they become.. Proud you had fun and did so good with your $50.. Happy sewing.

  8. LOL! SO true!!! I knew it would be all spent before I even got there. ;)


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