September 12, 2012

Wouldn't You Like to Be a Cheesehead, Too??

YAY!!! I finished Colin's Packers outfit! And by Wednesday! Of course, I had meant to have BOTH Packers outfits done today..... But... umm.... yeah.... Didn't happen. That's OK, though. There's always tomorrow! ;)

I will be putting up a bit of a tutorial for this tomorrow. ;) And then hopefully I will have the tutorial for Cailey's Packers outfit for you by Friday or Saturday. :)

Here a couple of pictures from our week so far.

Cailey on our first day of school. All of the other kids decided to be camera shy. SIGH.......

I have to tell you all about our science experiments. So, the first day of school we put ice in a glass and measure it. Then we were supposed to wait until it melted and measure again. The Cs stared at that glass ALLLLL day long waiting for all the ice to melt. At the end of the day the went out play. That's when I noticed that all the ice had finally melted. I was going to wait until they came back in to tell them. Well.... along comes Deanna... She DRINKS THE GLASS OF WATER!!! Good grief... So, we put more ice in, we measure that ice, too... We wait.... Guess what happened next... A little bit of the ice melted and Jacob comes in and DRINKS THE WATER!!!! GOOD GRIEF!! SIGH.... So, we get more ice, we measure it, I announce the entire household that VERY. BAD. THINGS. would happen to the next person that touched that glass! LOL Finally yesterday morning we were able to measure the water. My goodness!!! LOL

Yesterday we were supposed to put peat moss pellets into 1/2 cup of water and in 10 minutes we would be able to plant our bean and wheat seeds.... HA HA HA HA. Yeah, it didn't happen. Those peat moss pellets we still as hard as rocks when we went to bed last night. This afternoon I was finally able to get the bean and wheat seeds into the peat moss. BUT we were missing one bean seed. Joshua says he thinks Jacob ate it. I swear, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried....

OH!! I have some exciting news!! I have just signed on to test my first pattern!! I will be testing for Squiggly Twigs Designs!! YAY!!!  Check out her site!! She has a TON of great tutorials!! :)

Have you all ever heard of Bzz Agents? Well, I am a member. It's a site where you sign up to receive free or discounted products in return for spreading the word about the products you like. In return you get points for My Points. I have just recently gotten on board of 2 great campaigns! One for CoverGirl and Olay make-up and another for Glade Expressions. I haven't used my coupons for the Glade yet but I am LOVING the CoverGirl and Olay foundation and powder. Let me tell you why. ;) It is incredibly light on my face. It actually feels nice! It also helps to hide those teeeeeny, tiny lines that I have been noticing lately. SIGH.....  Their tag line reads, "Luminous coverage for ageless, radiant looking skin." And I have to actually agree. I like it MUCH better than the stuff I was using.... I won't name names, though. ;)

<img src="" alt=""/>

Anyway, I can't wait to try out my free Glade Expressions! I love Glade anyway. LOL I usually buy their candles when I can't get Yankee Candles, 'cause let's face it, those things are EXPENSIVE! But they smell soooooooooo good. SIGH... I have found that I can usually get Glade pretty cheap at Walmart or Kroger.

So, how is YOUR week going???


  1. Sorry, but LOL @ the glass of ice/water. Sounds like something that would happen around here.

    How'd you get such good Buzzagent stuff? I got crap, so quit :)

  2. LOL!!! I have been with them for YEARS!!! Believe me, I have had my fair share of BLAH, too. BUT I have had some reallllllly great ones! That $200 remote, the SoniCare toothbrush set... Lots of makeup.... LOL

  3. ADORABLE!! Colin looks very happy with them too.. Goood job Mama..
    Look forward to the tutorial.. Happy sewing.

  4. Thank you, Judy!!!!!
    Hope you are feeling MUCH better!!!!

  5. Awesome outfit, I'm sure he loves it! Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!


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