September 29, 2012

Georgia on My Mind

We are home. My goodness what a trip. Down and back in less than 36 hours.... We got in around midnight after leaving at 6 pm Thursday. I hate marathon driving. I was so stiff and sore after getting out of the van. My hands were almost in a permanent claw from gripping the steering wheel for so long! LOL

The job interview went extremely well. They reallllly want The Hubby to sign on with them. They didn't talk numbers, though... They want  The Hubby to give THEM a figure.... So, right now The Hubby is thinking about it all. He did let them know that we would need them to pay for relocation.

He still has another offer from a different company also in GA. This one is more in the Atlanta area. The Hubby really likes the guy that he has been talking to from that company. But he isn't sure that he would love that job. BUT we do know that they were offering at least $75,000 a year for that one. Definitely something to consider!

It's just all up in the air. I keep praying for Him to show me His will. That's all I know to do. Pray for His wisdom to show us the way and help us make the right choice.

Here are some pictures that I took during the trip. As usually Deanna wouldn't let herself be photographed. :/ Both of the older boys stayed here. I was a little nervous about leaving them but since they are 19 and 16 AND we weren't going to be gone long, I figured it could be a learning opportunity... LOL

I do have some sewing going on. Right now I have an almost finished Halloween skirt for Cailey out of Casper fat quarters (there will be a tutorial for that). Then I will be making the Snoopy costume for my friend's son. Then I will be making costumes for the Cs. THEN I want to make this-


McCall's M6387

out of these fabrics-

What do you think????

Then it will be time to start on Thanksgiving and Christmas themed things.... And a few presents.... ;)


  1. So it sounds like it's Georgia or Georgia? How do you feel about that? I don't see how any decision would be wrong, wishing you luck.

  2. I'm sure you guys will make the right choice, but HUGS for having to make it at all.

  3. Thank you!!!
    I really want to stay here... But I know The Hubby HATES it here. He wants the deep south and all the heat that comes with it. BLECK!
    But I LOOOOOOOVE Virginia. I love the place, the people, the seasons! SNOW!!! LOL
    But as a family we would be better off in GA. SIGH... But we would be closer to the beach and it would definitely be an adventure! LOL

  4. Beautiful photos... Praying God will lead you and hubby to make the decisions that are right for you all. I know the move is so hard, especially when you are happy in Virgina.
    Atlanta is such a big town.. How do you feel about that? [I hate big cities.. I like the little towns.. ha]
    I love the pattern you showed, I bought this pattern and made for my grandaughter.. so cute when made up..
    sending hugs and prayers..
    ps How did the boys do..staying alone?? Isn't that such a hard thing to do.? Leave them alone? lol I remember those days.ha

  5. Thank you, Eileen!! I have a LOT to tell you Monday! LOL

  6. Thank you, Judy!!!
    Well, I have lived in big cities before, Nashville and Richmond, but I MUCH prefer the county as long as it's close enough to the city to go shopping! LOL
    The boys did very well, although my house was worse off than it was when we left! LOL

  7. Goodmorning Stacy :) Your family pictures are lovely. GA is a beautiful State and I love the climate too. My family and I live in Florida and I listen to Pastor Charles Stanley on the radio every morning before I leave for work. His son Andy is also a pastor of another church in the Atlanta area too. Chef Paula Deen and her family are also in GA. I will pray with you and your family as you seek God's will and wisdom with the job relocation. Stacy, the dresses below are gorgeous. Your friend, Lola Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2012 00:14:37 +0000 To:

  8. Thank you very much, Lola!! We definitely need the prayers, this is such a hard decision to make! :/

  9. Sounds like quite a whirlwind tour. Glad you're all home safe and sound and you can get back to your sewing. I totally understand not wanting to move, roots are important, but when opportunities come and you grasp hold and move forward in confidence knowning that God is ultimately in control.

  10. You are absolutely right, Kerri!!!
    Thank you!!!


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