September 3, 2012

New Bag and Other Stuff

WOW... I can sure pick titles.... LOL Oh, well.. I can't be witty ALLLLL the time. That wouldn't be fair! ;)

No pictures of the new dress. :/ When I went to put it on for church yesterday morning I discovered caramel ALLLLL done the front of it.  The kids had apples and caramel last night. WAH!!!! So I wore my owl skirt instead.

I made a new bag for Bags of Hope and Love <3! :)

I LOVE that one!! I think it's my favorite so far. The Hubby thinks it might be because of the Steeler's colors. Could be... LOL ;)

I have 2 more bags that I want to make before I start on something else. I would like to be able to take 10 full bags to the Department of Social Services on Friday. I have 4 full bags now so if I don't get any from anywhere else, I need to make 6 bags before Friday and fill them. I have all the stuff to fill them and make them so I guess I need to get busy! ;)

I am sticking to my D-I-E-T!!!! I am very proud of myself. LOL It's been 4 days and I haven't cheated! AND I've lost 3 lbs!! AND even better than that?? I FEEL BETTER!!! This morning when I woke up my neck didn't hurt!! It has been over a year since that had happened!! I think all the processed foods might have been aggravating my FMS.  I'm still having pains but no where near as bad as they were!! YAY!!!!!

Our new kitty, Cloud, is fattening up nicely! LOL She is still sooooo sweet and starts purring as soon as someone picks her up!

Aren't they sweet???

I still have a few projects in mind for a couple of friends. I'm hoping to get to them soon.

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