September 5, 2012

SOOOOOOO Exhausted!

I have been running around like a crazy person trying to get everything ready for school next week! YILES!!! I did manage to make 2 more bags for Bags of Hope and Love! I was going to try to take 10 full bags on Friday.... Not gonna happen. :/ But I will be taking at least 6 full bags! YAY!!! I need to run out and get some more snacks and some more boy stuff.

Here are the 2 new bags and a picture of all 6 bags! :)

Before I do anything else I HAVE to make the C's their Packers outfits. I promised The Hubby that I would have them ready for game day! LOL I want to make them Steelers outfits, too! ;) It's only fair. LOL

So, we start school next Monday. Heaven help me!!! I need to do soooo much printing!! Oh my goodness!! I picked Cailey's country for her this one time because I knew I already had a lapbook for Thailand printed and ready to go. LOL And we have our Little Passport pack for Thailand!! YAY!! I need to find my bag of stuff from World Market. I think I have a couple of things from Thailand in it.  I grabbed a couple of books about Thailand from the library the other day.

The first animal the C's will be learning about will by lions. Cailey picked this time and Colin will pick next time. I think I have some stuff on file for lions but I'm not sure... Time to move all the files off my old computer and on to this one!

Cailey's first reading selection will be "Ramona Quimby, Age 8" by Beverly Cleary. I hope it will be one that she likes.

OH!! I still need to pick an artist, a scientist and a composer!! Oh, boy! I need to get right on that!! My goodness!

And I still need to track down some things off J2's and D's lists!!!

I'm doing VERY well on the D-I-E-T!! I've now lost 5 lbs! YAY!!!! And I have been really good at sticking to it. Although, today I could realllllllllllllly use some chocolate!!! WAH!!!! Oooh.... some chocolate ice cream!!! WAH!!!! SIGH.....

I would like to ask you all to pray for a friend of mine. She fell and broke her back. The doctors are talking about injecting crazy clue into the break and then putting her in a full body cast. She's in terrible pain but trying to keep her spirits up.

And because every post needs a cute kitty here is a picture of baby Cloud. LOL Oh, she's not spoiled a bit! (Insert sarcasm here)

And now I think I will go read for a while. It seems like AGES since I last sat down to read!!! So not like me at all!! But today I need a break!


  1. Love your bags for Bags of Hope and Love. 6 is 6 more than they had! I do have to tell you that you are making a big mistake with the outfits. Patriots for the first outfit and Patriots for the second.

  2. ROFLMBO!!!!! But no way!!! LOL ;))

    And you are very right! 6 is more than they had. I need to look at it that way!

    THANK YOU!!! ;)


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