October 2, 2012


My goodness! Busy, busy, busy! That's me! LOL I had a list of 7 errands that I had to do today! YILES!!!! And then I had to !#$%^ up the dining room... ;)  Then I made Philly Cheesecake Brownies! YUUUUMMY!!!

I dropped off 6 more Bags of Hope and Love this morning! YAY!! They were very happy to get them. Now, it's time to get busy sewing more bags!! LOL Speaking of Bags of Hope and Love, I want to say a great, big, public THANK YOU to Regena! You are SO AWESOME! I will be picking up a gift card that she sent to the church to use for Bags of Hope and Love! I am SOOOOOOO excited!!!! I will be hitting Walmart and the Dollar Tree tomorrow to get the things we need! THANK YOU, Regena!! You are a blessing!! And may God bless you in return!! :)

It is so wonderful to see how many loving, caring, generous people there are still in the world today. We usually hear too much about the bad people and never enough about the good ones! I have been so very blessed to know so many of the very best people! And most of you know who you are!! ;) I am very honored and blessed to know you all!!!

We are still debating the move to Georgia... Now there's a new horse in the race... A place in Mississippi (Hey, Judy!) wants The Hubby there. LOL WOW!  It's wonderful that we will have so many choices. Pray the good Lord directs us to the one we should pick! Apparently the place in Mississippi is only 15 minutes away from where The Hubby's very good friend lives. So much to think about. So much to pray about!!!

In sewing news, I have my very first CLIENT!! WOOOO HOOO!!! My friend wants me to make her son a Snoopy costume for Halloween. I went yesterday and got all the materials. :) SOOOOOOO excited about this! I have a client!! Hee hee hee hee!! LOL

In more sewing news, I now have all I need for Cailey's Tinkerbell costume and Colin's dinosaur costume. I started cutting the pattern for the dinosaur today. For Cailey's I am going patternless. ;)

Here is the one I am using for Colin-


McCall's M6185

I'll be making the view with the camouflage dinosaur, only his will be yellow and blue, thanks to Hancock's remnant bins! LOL His whole costume will cost a total of $7!!! I got so lucky with that!!!

Cailey's will also be a cheapy. ;) Hers will cost a total of $5! Gotta love those remnant bins!

Jacob's very good friend from way back in the 3rd grade is now off to college for pre-med. She is such a sweetheart! She came to visit us a couple of months ago. Anyway, she needs a laptop sleeve so I am making one for her. I guess I could do a tutorial for that! Why didn't I think about that??? LOL I already cut the pieces!!!

In book news, The Hubby bought me a copy of "The Casual Vacancy" by JK Rowling. He said it was so he wouldn't have to hear me complain about the marathon driving... Uh, huh... Well, I told HIM that I would take the book AND still complain. LOL ;)

We missed church on Sunday. :( Cailey wasn't feeling very well. Thankfully she seems back to normal now!

Time for youth!


  1. When we get so used to hearing about all the bad things people do (sorry just finished watching both local and national news) thank you for reminding us that there are so many people doing good too. Sigh of relief that the costumes you're making aren't sports related so I can look forward to seeing them!

  2. ROFLOL!!! Darn! I KNEW I should have made the Steelers costumes!!!!! LOL
    You are very welcome. I think we should celebrate the wonderfully good people of the world as often as we can! :)
    YOU are one of them!!! :)

  3. Stacy,
    Now.. how unbelievable is that.. A possiable Ms job.. How exciting..[and close to hubbys friend too.. now thats nice..].Just think we may end up getting close enough to each other, to have a sewing get together. [All the people on the sew weekly ..have meet ups.. I have so many friends in the UK, But now..do you think, I will ever be able to go to England?? If I weren't scared to get on a plane [and I am], I could never afford it.lol]..Sending prayers that God will lead you and family in the decisions you have to make.Know its hard.

    Congradulations on your first sewing job.. and the costumes looks so cute. Can't wait to see them, when your finished.. Happy sewing. What great finds on the fabric.. I really am having the "need to" , to head to Hancocks and Joanns.

  4. ps.. How very nice to hear of all the help with your Bags of Hope mission.. SO uplifiting to know there is still such nice people in this world.. Sending prayers for your bags of hope.

  5. Thank you, Judy!!!!
    Wouldn't it be GREAT???? When I heard MS you were the first person I thought of! LOL

  6. It's it GREAT?? So amazed that love can spread like that! :) AWESOME!!!


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