October 13, 2012

Stuff, Stuff and More....Stuff.....

WOW. I can sure pick a title... Oh, brother... LOL

So, what have I been up to?? Let me tell you all about it. ;)

I have Colin's dinosaur costume almost all the way done! YAY! All it needs are eyes, nostrils and teeth! LOL

I have most of the Snoopy costume done. I need to finish the head and make the hands and feet!

This is the back of Snoopy. ;)

THEN I will be working on Cailey's Tinkerbell. All kinds of ideas are floating around in my head about that one!

We have been sorting through the girls' clothes in anticipation of our move. SIGH... Still SOOOO much to do.  The toys need to be thinned out in a BAD BAD way. My books will be SLIGHTLY thinned out. Just a smidge, really. ;)

This football game is NOT going the way it ought to! Come on, Mountaineers!! You are #5!! You are playing an unranked team!! GOOD GRIEF!!! I wonder if it has to do with those ugly new helmets they are wearing... LOL

The killer toothache is back. BLECK!!!! My cousin and her cutie patootie little guy were supposed to come up and visit today. Because of my toothache I had to cancel. WAH!!!! We were going to go to the pumpkin patch. :*(

Yesterday I got to spend a couple of hours with my BFF. She lives about 4 hours away and we only get to see each other about twice a year. Unfortunately my tooth started up last night so I went home early. :(

Here is a pic of my 2 youngest with her 2 kids. :)

I guess when we move we won't be able to see each other twice a year. NOT HAPPY!!!! BUT hopefully when we get settled we can invite them down. FINGERS CROSSED!!!

We have put off homeschooling until we are moved and settled. There's just too much going on right now. We will just have to make the time up by going later into the summer. OHHH, maybe I can talk them into doing January through September as a school year!! I have really been considering that. It would just work so much better. There's always so much going on in October, November and December. It would be nice to use those months as our break. The summer is always so hot that no one wants to go out and do anything anyway! Well, except for the pool.....

OK, tooth is killing me. I think I will try to lie down and rest. Maybe if the pain eases up I can take a nap!


  1. Feel better, Stacy. I have my fingers crossed for a flawless move. Yes, that might be a wee unrealistic, but I wish it for you just the same. Those costumes look terrific!! One step at a time. You'll get there :)

  2. Woman....get to feeling better. The costumes are adorable by the way. Can't wait to see what tinkerbell looks like.

  3. The costumes are looking great... SO sorry that ole tooth is hurting again.. Hope it feels better soon.Sorry you missed out on the fun with your friend.
    Feel sorry for you..with all the packing..........yucky...When you get to packing...don't you wonder ,where in the world did all this stuff come from? lol

  4. Thank you, Judy!!
    I just got back from the ER. The doctor gave me some antibiotics and pain killers so hopefully I will be better soon.
    Yes, I am already wondering where all of this stuff came from and why on earth do we have it all??? LOL

  5. I'm sorry our visit ended because you were in pain, I hope it's doing better now! You know, the only kid that was actually looking normally at the camera was C1, lol! My two look evil, well they can be little devils ;-P

    The costumes are looking good... I can sew, but something like that would drive me crazy, lol!

  6. Thank you!! I wanted to stay longer but my tooth was driving me crazy!! I came home and took 2 muscle relaxers and ibuprofen. :/

    NONE of the pics turned out right! LOL Your 2 had weird eyes and Colin wouldn't look at the camera! LOL


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