October 9, 2012

Writer's Block Take 2!

BLAH!!!!!!!!!! Yep.... I have it again. Stinking writer's block. (insert mumbling here)

I haven't sewn much the past couple of days. Yesterday was an out and out war between my machine and myself. GRRR!! I won that battle (with some help from The Hubby).  It was rattling something awful and I was trying to take it apart and figure it out. The Hubby took it apart even more and eventually found an arm had detached from..... something... He put it back on and it works again! SHEW!

I broke 3 needles yesterday trying to sew through thick layers of fleece. SIGH... I was using  100/16 titanium needles, I guess I need some bigger than that.

It's been very rainy and cool here the past few days. BLECK!!!! Definitely hot chocolate weather, though!

I went to church yesterday morning to listen to the missionaries. Afterward we had lunch and the Seniors on Mission group and I packed bags for Bags of Hope and Love! YAY!! The lady that is taking over for me wants to go with me the next time I drop bags off. I think I will have to make that my last official day as the leader of it here since I need to start focusing on moving and finishing up Halloween projects. But I am looking forward to starting a new group in Georgia!!  I was reading the library's site for that county and they have a once a week meeting for sewists! YAY!! Maybe I can them interested in it, too!!

I think I will turn over all the donations to her that day, too. Well, I think I will take the donations made directly to me with me to start the group in Georgia, any donations that were from church members will remain here for this group. Do you think that sounds good? Or should I just leave all the donations and start from scratch?

OH!! I got another great Bzz campaign from Bzz Agent!! This one is for Gorton's fish. I received a coupon for a free box, a spatula with Gorton's on the handle and some coupons to hand out to friends.  I love free stuff. LOL Even if I don't like it someone in this house is bound to! LOL The Hubby and 3 of the 5 kids LOVE seafood.  Too bad I don't get any points for adding this in my post!! LOL Sometimes you do and sometimes you don't. No biggie, I love Bzz Agent anyway. ;) And I always give my honest opinion of something whether I'm asked to or not. ;)

Let's see... We need some pictures don't we?? No blog post is complete without pictures!!!

All of these come from LOLCats

These sausages are my sausages

Staff Picks: And so begins the downhill slide...

your parents must be proud

Staff Picks: Dint fink dis frew did we?

Gone Crazy.

Eileen! This next one is for you!!! LOL

We may need to stage an innervenshun

OK.... Now we have pictures! I can consider this a correct blog post... LOL


  1. That didn't seem like writer's block to me! That book looked good ( 95% of what I read is mysteries), let me know. And don't worry if you do get writer's block, the next secret subject swap is in the works.

  2. Umm Writers Block?????
    I think with what those 2 did yesterday, I am amazed you tried to do anything that wasn't Illegal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. stacysewsandschoolsOctober 9, 2012 at 3:21 PM

    YAY for the next secret subject swap!! WOOO HOOOO!!!

    And THANK YOU!!

    I read a little bit of everything but I do read a lot of mysteries! ;)

  4. stacysewsandschoolsOctober 9, 2012 at 3:21 PM

    ROFLOL!!! Oh, I have DEFINITELY been thinking about it.... They deserve payback!! In a BIG BIG way!!! LOL

  5. Stacy, Just pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal the right pathway in regards to the money. You will know.
    If this is writers' block, keep getting it. Great post.
    Just love the animal pictures. Leo and Seraphena (dog and cat respectively) enjoy them as well.
    Love, Regena

  6. What a nice shout out for PBS there, Stacy. lol And FYI, I thought the book was a good follow-up to A Sheetcake Named Desire.

  7. stacysewsandschoolsOctober 9, 2012 at 4:52 PM

    OOH! Good!! Thanks, Lori!!!! I was hoping it would live up to the first one.
    Now I just need to hope my books go out soon in the other 2 swaps! LOL

  8. stacysewsandschoolsOctober 9, 2012 at 4:53 PM

    THANK YOU, Regena!!!!! You always know how to redirect my thoughts to where they should be!!
    LOL about the dog and cat!!! :)

  9. One couldn't be the swap I twisted your arm to come play with me is it? ;)

  10. Unfortunately, the dog 'studying' pic is me right now, lol!! Thanks for the laugh:) I'm so glad you were able to get someone to take over Bags of Hope and Love there for you!

  11. ROFLOL!! That just might be one of them! ;)

  12. LOL! I thought you might be able to relate to that picture! HUGS!!!!

  13. You aren't alone. Check out my last post: http://charleneoldham.com/2012/10/09/confessions-of-a-book-horder/

  14. LOL!!! Thank you! ;)

  15. Stacy, Writer's block is when your last post was...the secret swap!! That's me :(. I'm glad to read your sewing machine is up and roaring again. I just did surgery on mine from using baby powder and leather...Ugh. You've got a lot of things juggling in that world of yours; I'm sending you smiles and a big "You can do it!" When in doubt, read, read, read!

  16. Thank you SOOOOO much, Michele!!!
    Glad the surgery on your machine was successful! YILES!!!
    Thankfully, the writer's block looks to be gone now. I am in the process of writing a doozy! LOL


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