October 4, 2012

Secret Subject Swap

Welcome to a “Secret Subject Swap”.  Nine brave bloggers agreed to take on the challenge of being assigned a subject and interpreting it into a piece written in our own style.  Everyone involved picked a “secret subject” for someone else and was also assigned a “secret subject” to write about.  Today we are all divulging what we were assigned and submitting our posts.

Here are links to all 9 sites featuring “Secret Subject Swap” posts today.  We’ve certainly succeeded in amusing ourselves, check them all out and see if we can amuse you too!










My subject - 

 What is the funniest thing you have ever heard?                     

It was submitted by    http://happy-little-feet.blogspot.ca/

Oh, boy.... Now that is a TOUGH one!!!! With 5 kids I have heard some FUNNNNNY things. LOL  So, may instead of the funniest I will just name a few of them. I'm not sure I could pick just one! LOL

1- When The Hubby and I were newly married we lived with my father-in-law. One night after they had both gone to sleep, The Hubby starts mumbling.... Hee hee hee... I LOVE to mess with him when he's sleep talking. ;) Here's how it went down-

The Hubby - He won't let me in!

Me -  Who won't let you in?

The Hubby - The little green man.

Me- Why won't he let you on?

The Hubby - Because I'm too old.... Look! There he goes! Under the table!

Father-in-law in the next room ALSO asleep - That's OK! We'll get him!

OMGosh! I had tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard! Neither of them believed me the next morning, or so they said.....

2- On our way to Georgia last week, I would list the states and how far to the next one. Colin pipes up and says, "So when will we be in South America??"

3- When Deanna was about 8 yrs old she and her friends were invited to a surprise party for another friend. Well, one if the girls accidentally mentioned it to the Birthday girl. Deanna comes home and says, "Yep, Chynna really let the cat out of the house!"

4- One day when Cailey was about 2 I found her in the kitchen sitting on a bowl with an egg in it. When asked what she was doing, she replied, "I'm trying to hatch it!"

5- One day when Jacob was about 10, he and Joshua (8) were playing video games. Jacob says to Joshua, "Oooh! Look at those acid reflexes! I'm moving so fast only your eyes can see me!" ROFLMBO!! He still hates it when I bring that up! LOL

Now that I have given you some funny things that I have heard, here are some funnies that I have SEEN! ;)

Daily Squee: Bunday: YAWN

Squee! Spotter: Unknown (via Bunny Food )

Animal Capshunz: You Wanted to Do What?

LoL by: HokieGirl74

Lolcats: my face when...

LoL by: BeanieBGone

Cyoot Kitteh of teh Day: Iz Ur Liddle Seam Ripper!

LoL by: Unknown (via Snnantn)

Hmmmm.... I wonder if THAT is why my settings are always off.......

Liam Neeson

Found at http://www.quickmeme.com/Liam-Neeson/?upcoming

Carly Rae Jepsen – Hey I just me you and this is crazy

LOOOOVE this one!!! LOL  I wish I knew who to give the credit to!!!

Here's some homeschooling memes

Sure hope all this has made you laugh!!! It was a lot of fun to write!

Hey, Karen!! We might need to do this more often! ;)

And a GINORMOUS thank you to Karen at Baking In a Tornado!!!!


  1. OH MY that is a great post, I am still laughing at your hubby's sleep talking. I am so glad we joined in on this swap, it was a blast.

  2. THANK YOU!!!! LOL I am about to check out all the others!! YAY!!! SOOOOO much fun!!! ;)

  3. I knew there was a reason I heart you! You rocked this. I laughed and smiled all through your post. Thank you so much for going this far to amuse me!!!

  4. ROFLOL!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    You may rethink that when you read my comment on your post..... ROFLOL!!!

  5. Very cute Stacy! What in the world did we laugh at before our children? They have the best material, don't they? Loved your stories AND the photos. (I had pinned a few of the 'Hey Girl' pics before on my Pinterest). Seeing that handsome face is "Good Morning" enough for me! Great job on the Swap!

  6. THANK YOU, Michele!!!!!
    Thankfully none of the kids actually read my blog.... LOL The Hubby doesn't either so I should be safe.. I think. LOL ;)

  7. HA! The pics are hilarious because all of it has never been said by a man in real life!

  8. AMEN to THAT!!!!!
    The Hubby is FORVER complaining about pins in the floor and books on the tables... ROFLOL!

  9. Hahaha! I love that you told a story about your hubby. I do that ALL the time. My husband wont even read my blog anymore because I make fun of him so often, but it's so darn easy! lol! Hilarious!

  10. ROFLOL!!! Mine never reads it anyway.. So I figure what he doesn't know what come back to bite me. ;) LOL

  11. Oh, those are so funny!!! Love your hubs' and FIL's sleep-talk! And, acid reflexes!!!

  12. I love the attempt at egg-hatching. Adorable!

  13. Thank you!!! It was a HOOT!!!! LOL I wish I had pictures of it!

  14. I totally text my husband from the same room lol. I'm also very jealous that you sew. My daughter taught herself watching youtube videos (mothering fail). Ryan Gosling...nuff said. And as a sleep talker, that hit a little too close to home lol. I loved this swap, and I'm so happy you have wordpress, because I can actually comment on the blog! Awesome!

  15. ROFLOL!!! My oldest daughter will test me and then stare at me until I reply!!!! The Hubby does not text... Party pooper.... LOL
    I just recently taught myself to sew! LOL I followed a couple of tutorials and then went off on my own. ;)
    YAY for Wordpress!!! LOL

  16. ROFLOL!!! My oldest daughter will test me and then stare at me until I reply!!!! The Hubby does not text... Party pooper.... LOL
    I just recently taught myself to sew! LOL I followed a couple of tutorials and then went off on my own. ;)
    YAY for Wordpress!!! LOL
    OH!! And I have 5 kids, but if we move to GA we'll only be taking 4 with us. The oldest is 19 and wants to stay here. WAH!!!

  17. OMG those pictures are amazing!!!! My husband and i were laughing so hard!


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