December 11, 2012

Busy As A Bee!

I am busier than I don't know what! LOL YAY!!!

I have my 2nd paying customer! YIPPPEEEEE!!!!! My cousin has hired me to make pajama pants for her and her boys.

pajamas 002

Here's the first pair ready to go! :)

pajamas 007

Here's the 2nd pair in progress. There will be a bit of a surprise with this pair. ;) It was a one directional print soooo I wasn't able to make them as long as I would have liked (I like to make them a little big JIC). So, luckily I had some Hot Wheels fat quarters on hand and I will be adding cuffs for extra length.

pajamas 004

Look at this GREAT flannel my cousin picked for her pj pants! LOOOOVE it!!!

There will also be a couple of surprises included but I'm not saying what. No, Amy! Not even a hint! LOL

As well as paying me for the pants she sent me this.

cameo 006

Isn't is GORGEOUS!!! I saw this advertised in some pics of the shop where she works and I was DROOLING!!! LOL

So, the pj pants are my current project.

Fox Outfit 006

This is a sneak peek of my next project..... ;) I love that fox print! I would like to get some more but it's all sold out!!!! :(

005 Busy Bee

And this is the pair pants that I made the day before yesterday for Colin. They glow in the dark! LOL

OH!! On top of the gorgeous cameo, my cousin also sent me some great remnants! Included in the stack was some burlap!!!! I am definitely making some burlap stockings this year! ;)

Another AND.... I have an IDEA for an outfit for my little cousin Liam.. But I will leave it at that for now. It's a super secret. LOL

So, that is what I have been up to!!

AND in a couple of days a new Secret Subject Swap will be UNLEASHED!!! OOOOOHHH!!! And I have an AWESOME subject.... I just need to fine tune it a little. ;)

If I'm not mistaken it should almost be time for another Fly on the Wall, too.... Just wait until you see what has been going on around here. Oh, my!!!!

I am starting to get a little CRAZED about Christmas... I haven't even STARTED shopping yet! Usually by this time I am almost completely done! YILES!!!!! And then there's the dinner to plan.... Jacob's tickets to purchase so he can be here with us...... I have to stop thinking about it... I'll go CRAZY!!! LOL

And we have been invited to The Hubby's boss's house for a Christmas party. DH is very.... ummmm..... welll... NOT social. Not exactly ANTIsocial but he definitely doesn't LIKE it. AT ALL. So, here I am trying to convince him that we HAVE to go. This is not a social occasion that is taken lightly in The South.... LOL  Heaven help me!!


  1. So cute! And I love, love, love the cameo!!
    I think I'm going to have to add some cuffs to some of the jammies I'm making too. Fortunately, most of us are pretty short. LOL!!!
    From now on I'm REALLY going to have to pay attention to how much fabric I need to buy.

  2. LOL, Lambie!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!
    I still think that 3 yrds is an awful lot unless it isn't very wide or one directional print....

  3. I guess pj pants are on a lot of lists this year. I am just starting 2nd pair for my middle grandson and the onto nightgowns for my 3 granddaughters. You make me feel lazy. I haven't finished my Christmas shopping, just got a few things. I keep telling myself I have time, until one of the grandchildren gives me the countdown. You are right. The invitation to Bosses house it not to be disregarded. Give him the old "once more into the fray" talk. Used to work on my husband. Blessings,

  4. Yay! I am amazed at how you have transformed that material into pants...and so quickly too!!! I can hardly wait to see the other two pair. I am sure that I can get more material if needed. Never even thought about the direction of the print. Lol. Just let me know...although, it does appear that you have a plan.

    Glad that you like your necklace. I had originally planned to send this super cool cow toboggan...but now that you live in the south, I didn't figure you needed winter wear. Lol. It was reallly Moooooovalous though. Cameo is much more practical. Lol.

    Thanks for the pics. Last time you made me wait. You did mention a surprise. You know me...I do love a good surprise!!! We are that much alike!!! I'll be scanning your pics for any clues! <3

  5. LOL!!! Thanks, Regena!!!!!!!
    Glad to know I am not the only one that still has shopping to do.... I keep freaking out about the countdown, too... LOL I just try to keep focusing on the fact that Jacob will be here soon and this year, that's really all I need. ;)

  6. ROFLOL!!! There will be NO glimpses... but feel free to scan anyway... LOL ;)
    I love you, Cuz!!! <3!!!!
    And no need to get more! I have it all worked out! ;)

  7. Girl.. I think you are one sewing girl... Love all the pj pants.. Lucky recipants...
    Have fun...

  8. Wow, you have been busy! And to get paid for it... doesn't get any better.

  9. I love your pajamas! They look so comfortable and fun too. That cameo is just gorgeous!


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