December 29, 2012

Waiting for Jacob and Recipes!!

jacob 1

It's official! He will be here in the morning!! YAY!!!!!!! I can't wait to see him!!! I may not let him go back once he's here! ;)

We have been running around getting everything ready for his visit. I am planning to make a HUGE New Year's Eve dinner in place of the Christmas dinner. We are going to have all of his favorites!!!   I'll be cooking like crazy Monday! LOL

The Menu

Ham - a whole ham being cooked at the butcher's ;)

Cheesy, Spicy Corn - sweet corn with Velveeta and jalapenos - add 1 cup of milk to the drained corn (I use about 5 cans). Then chop up the Velveeta, adding several chunks at once. Keep stirring and adding Velveeta until it's nice and thick. Add chopped up jalapeno slices to taste.

Sweet Carrots - chopped carrots cooked in brown sugar and butter

Mashed Potatoes - with sweetened condensed milk instead of regular milk

Green Beans - from Margaret Holmes

Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

Cheesecake Brownies

Oreo Truffles

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Peanut Butter Blossoms - the recipe I posted the other day

Chocolate Pie - except I use the Cook & Serve

I think that's it.I can't find my list (of course) and I have a feeling I've missed something......

Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary. The Hubby and I will be married 20 yrs. WOW!!!! We never seem to get to do much to celebrate, though. We are usually too broke from Christmas! LOL

Dresses for South Africa

Here is one of the dresses that I made this week. I want to help Pam out in her quest to make 100 dresses for girls in South Africa. 100!! My goodness!!!!

Cloud 009

Cloud 008

Silly Cloud thinks she's a baby. ;)

Oh, my goodness! I have SOOOOO much to do!!! I guess I had better get started! Anyone want to volunteer to clean my house??? Anyone???  No?? SIGH... Then I had better get off of here and get busy.


  1. I am so excited for you! Can't wait to see how it goes. Congratulations on the anniversary. My late husband and I were married on 12/29/69 and we were married for 38 years. We were also broke after Christmas and never did much celebrating either. Have a lovely time and take lots of pictures.

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and yay for Jacob coming, I hope you have a great visit!!

  3. Thank you, Regena!!!
    WOW, 38 years. You were very blessed!

  4. THANK YOU!!!!!!
    I'll fill you in on Wed. afternoon! LOL

  5. Happy Anniversary!! Today is my Grand-daughter Kiersten's birthday, too! The dress is beautiful! I am so excited about this project and I need to start taking some pictures, also, so I can start paking them up.

  6. Thank you!!!!
    Happy Bday to your Granddaughter!!!
    Oh! I would love to see some more pics of the dresses!!!

  7. Have a fabulous visit with Jacob. What a great anniversary present that is!

  8. Thank you, Karen!!!!
    SQUEEE!! I can't wait!! Just a few hours and he will be here!!! Well, maybe more than a few... But still!! LOL

  9. What a great mom you are! Enjoy your visit, I know he will be happy to see you and eat your wonderful food. :)

  10. Thank you so much, Kerri!!!
    I can't wait!!!! Just a couple of hours to go!!! :D I am so happy!!!!

  11. Happy Anniversary.. [I so understand the never having money for anniversaries.. eeeh.. they come at the wrong time of year,ha.. Kennys bday is Jan 10..Poor thing, he never
    has much of a birthday,ha]

    I am so happy for you, that all your kids will be home..yea,yea... [Guess what Mama, I can
    tell from the sound of your 'Writing" that you are much happier this week .. You know, mamas
    can pick up on our happy and unhappy times,ha]

    The food sounds wonderful... I am going to try the corn dish, never heard of this one before, but sounds great..

    Hope you all have a great,fun time together..
    The little dress is adorable.

  12. Thank you very much, Judy!!! And you are so right! I am MUCH MUCH happier. This is the happiest that I have been since the move. LOL My oldest baby is home!! :D


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