December 14, 2012

Secret Subject Swap December Take 2 (I think....)

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Your “Secret Subject” is: The Year Blitzen Got On Santa's Naughty List
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In all fairness, it wasn’t REALLLLLY Blitzen’s fault.... Not REALLLLLY... I mean, come on! Who is always the favorite? Rudolph. Yep, that spoiled rotten reindeer. He thinks he is just soooo cool because his nose lights up. Big deal. :P
Here’s how it all went down.
It was a normal, average day. Blitzen was flying in to work when all of a sudden a bright, red light blinds him! He was so disoriented that he flew right into Comet. Yep, it was Rudolph’s nose again. SIGH.... Down Blitzen and Comet went, crashing through one of the workshops and landing in a heap on a pile of Furbys. Don’t worry, no one was seriously hurt and those stupid Furbys would still be making it down chimneys on Christmas Eve, unfortunately....  With his pride and rump bruised, Blitzen went home to get....well.... blitzed.. Seriously, with that name, you can’t blame him.
A while later, Blitzen’s wife, Doereen, comes home to find him in a state.... Then she starts complaining; her mother never DID like him, how are they going to make up for that day’s pay, and the BIG ONE, why can’t he be more like Rudolph????? That was IT! He had had enough! And that is when The Plan began to form.
The Plan, just thinking about it made Blitzen snort with laughter! He would get even with that Goody Red-Nose!
So, he grabbed up the fruitcake that had been sitting on the counter for who knows HOW long and he added a special ingredient... Ex-lax. Then he wrapped it all up with a pretty bow and set off to find Rudolph, that stinking red-nosed pain in the......

Have you ever seen what happens to a FLYING reindeer when they get the runs.... Well, let me assure you, it ain’t pretty.... Pigeons and seagulls have NOTHING on them.
And have you ever seen what reindeer.... um..... pooh can do to a red suit?? Well, Santa found out. And being Santa, he knew exactly the who and the why.

And THAT is how Blitzen got on Santa’s Naughty List......

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  1. LAUGHING SO HARD>...great job babe...I knew that Rudolph was trouble. LOL

  2. LOL!! THANKS!!!!!! I was soooo in over my head with this one!! LOL

  3. OMG, this is just too funny. I'm so glad you got this prompt, you did an AMAZING job with it. I'm still laughing!

  4. You kicked ASS with this subject! I love, love, love what you did with it. So great! And, clearly you were not in over your head - you aced it! Awesome!


  5. THANK YOU!!!!!!! I am SOOO glad you like it! I was a little worried.... LOL

  6. This was awesome! I have a new- found respect fro Blitzen now....

  7. Hahaha I'm about to pee myself, I can't stop laughing! I am so happy I joined the SSS and get to read all those great stories now :)

  8. LOL!! Thanks, Jutta!!! :D
    Isn't it a BLAST!!!!!!!!!

  9. Stacy, this was a fantastic take on a fun topic.I always knew Rudolph was a show-off. Blitzen (and the others) all deserve their time in the spotlight, whether or not it's on the naughty or nice list. BTW, I'd love to see a blitzed Blitzen :) Happy Weekend, girl!

  10. LOL!!! THANKS, Michele!!! It was sooo much fun!!!
    You have a happy weekend, too!!! :)

  11. Great cartoons... love the "Houston, we have a problem." too funny!

  12. I may just have to share this with my older grands. Love it. Still g

  13. Whoops! Meant to say still grinning. (Sorry---was laughing and hit post comment too early.

  14. LOL!! THANKS!! I hope they like it, too!! LOL

  15. ROFLOL!! I understood!! I thought you were just using a cool short hand... ;)

  16. So funny... How are you doing? Are you getting the Christmas presents all sewed up? and wrapped? eeeeh, the worse part.ha.. Merry Christmas.

  17. Thanks, Judy!!
    We are just setting up the tree today... VERY late this year. But things are coming along just slowly! ;)


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