December 6, 2012

Christmas Tree Tutu Shirt Tutorial

HEY!! I have another tutorial for you! YAY!!!! :) And I will be adding in a couple of hair clips and another headband! ;)

Christmas Tree shirt 0001

This was SOOOOOO easy to make! I have been seeing shirts like this allll over Pinterest and thought that I would like to try it myself! ;) But then I had some red tulle and I just couldn't resist adding it to the bottom! LOL

Here is what I used-

Christmas Tree Shirt 000002

A red shirt

Different types of green ribbon and white lace

3 yards of red tulle

3 yards of white tulle 6" wide

1 yellow button

I promise that rickrack is a nicer color green... Not sure WHAT happened when I took these pictures! I realllllly need a camera other than my iPhone! LOL

Christmas tree shirt 004

Christmas tree shirt 005

Line up your ribbons and laces in any order that suits you and cut both sides at an angle.

Christmas tree shirt 006

Line up the ribbons and laces in order and pin! Then sew them on! ;) Easy peasy!

Next, sew your button to the top!

Christmas tree shirt 015

Wrestle your tulle away from your cat...... SIGH....

I swear, I could put a wash cloth on the table and they would sleep on it!!!

Christmas tree shirt 019

Now, fold over your tulle in half and then half again. Now it should be 3 yards long but wide enough for a tutu! ;)

Next, run a gathering stitch alllllllll along the top of it!

Then you are going to pin it to the bottom of your shirt.  With right sides together, slip the tutu over the shirt so that the top of the tutu will pin to the bottom of the shirt.

Next, sew it to your shirt! I used a zigzag stitch. ;)

christmas tree shirt 021

Now, pin the white tulle to the sides of the shirt, just above the tutu. Sew just the sides!

This makes a lovely bow in the back!

Christmas Tree shirt 0002


I wish I knew why the colors were off in the pics. :(

ANYWAY.... on to the hair clips and headband. This is sooooo easy, though!

Christmas Tree shirt 0104

I took red fingernail polish and painted over the clips.

Christmas Tree shirt 0105

Then I used the polish to put decorations on the tree.

All the pieces that I used came from Walmart and were super cheap!!!

Christmas Tree shirt 0113

Christmas Tree shirt 0115

Then I hot glued the pieces onto the clips! Viola!

I swear, I had NO CLUE that the colors looked so bad until I started playing with PicMonkey..... Then I went back and added another coat of red. I think the flash brings out the flaws! LOL


MUCH better with a 3rd coat!!!! LOL

Christmas Tree shirt 01110

With this one, I just took a clear headband and hot glued the snowflakes on.

I told you it was easy! LOL

Now I want to show you some other projects that have been going on around here. ;)

CJs Dress 003

CJs Dress 005

The dress is one I made for my Cousin CJ. My aunt brought the fabric and pattern that she wanted. Then I added the headband. I just wrapped it in black ribbon like I did Cailey's candy headband and then hot glued the black and white braid.

Here is the pattern that I used. I added the sparkly braid to the top and the black ribbon and bow to the bottom to give it a little extra umph! LOL


McCall's M6098

And here is the necklace that Deanna made for Cailey to match her candy headband.

Christmas Tree Shirt 1007

I hope you like the tutorials! As always, let me know if you have any questions!!!! :) And let me know if you decide to make one of these!!! :)

And for some reason the formatting on here is off kilter.... AGAIN!!! I wish I knew WHY it did that. Drives me nuts! I like nice spaces not everything crammed together. BLARGH!!!


  1. That skirt is really different! She looks like a darling Christmas package. I will just have to try to fit 3 in for my "girls" before Christmas. If I can't make it, I can see changes to make it for other holidays. Thanks. Love the dress you made for your cousin. Have a great Christmas.

  2. Thank you very much, Regena!!!
    They are very fast and easy! You might make it! LOL
    Yeah, I can see it for A LOT of other seasons and Holidays. :)

  3. This is adorable.!!!!! Cailey looks like a doll.. Love the tutu added to it.. I have been seeing the t-shirts on Pintrest.. so cute.. I am working on some skirts and tshirts with trimming for my younger 3 grandaughters.. Will post photos when I get them done..
    You have been getting some sewing done.. fun ,isn't it?Thanks for sharing with us..

  4. OOOH! I can't wait to see them!!!! I just know they are going to be beautiful!!!!
    Yep! Today I made a pair of pajama pants with a matching tote bag for a sick friend. I hope they make her feel a little better.
    Not sure what will be up next though!! LOL


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