December 1, 2012

Holiday Crushed Velvet Top Tutorial

Holiday Crushed Panne Shirt 0001

Here's a tutorial for a top to match the Pink Fig Designs Market Day Gauchos! :) Well, at least MY version of the Market Day Gauchos! LOL

I used the same colors of crushed panne (crushed velvet) for the top AND I made a little matching hair bow. For the bow I just tied scraps of the crushed velvet onto a ponytail holder. ;)

On to the tutorial!

You will need-

1/2 yard of main fabric

Scraps in the coordinating colors for the sleeve ruffles

A shirt that fits your child well to use as a cutting guide

Holiday Crushed Panne Shirt 001

Yes, yes.. I know... A Justin Bieber shirt but she's only 8, cut her some slack! LOL

Fold the t-shirt and place it on the folded fabric. Cut around the shirt leaving space on the side for seam allowance.

Holiday Crushed Panne Shirt 003

Here is what it will look like.

Holiday Crushed Panne Shirt 006

Place the shirt part that you just cut on the folded fabric and cut around it for the other piece.

Holiday Crushed Panne Shirt 007

Cut one of the necklines a little lower for the front of the top. Make sure not to take any off the shoulders. ;)

Holiday Crushed Panne Shirt 011

To cut the sleeves, place the shoulder even with the fold in the fabric and cut around the armhole. Then drop down a bit below the armhole and cut the rest of the sleeve.

At this point I was thinking long sleeves.... LOL I usually just fly by the seat of my pants when I start sewing. ;)

Holiday Crushed Panne Shirt 014

Here is where I decided to cut the black part of the sleeve shorter so that I could add the ruffles. I measured Cailey's arm from shoulder to wrist and then cut the sleeve at 8" . Her arm measured 15" but I knew some of the length of the sleeve would become seam allowance. ;)

Holiday Crushed Panne Shirt 015

Now, to cut the strips for the ruffles! I cut them 3" in width and 15" long. I cut 3 for each sleeve.

Holiday Crushed Panne Top 0020

Here is what they look like!

Now, you are going to pin those tops together! Then run a row of gathering stitches across the top.

Holiday Crushed Panne Top 0023

Pin the gathered edge to the bottom of the sleeve, right sides together, adjusting the gathers as needed.  Sew together!

Holiday Crushed Panne Top 0026

Here is what it looks like so far! :)

Holiday Crushed Panne Top 0027

Place the back on the front, right sides together, pin and sew the seam! :)

Holiday Crushed Panne Top 0028

This is that OTHER way to do sleeves... LOL Place the sleeves to the armholes, right sides together and pin like crazy! LOL Then sew the sleeves to the armholes!

Holiday Crushed Panne Top 0029

Here's what it looks like so far!

Holiday Crushed Panne Top 0030

Almost done!!! Pin up the sides of the top and the bottoms of the sleeves. Now, sew the side seams!!!!!

Turn right side out and you are ALLLLLLLL done!!!!! :)

Holiday Crushed Panne Shirt 203

Holiday Crushed Panne Top 317

Holiday Crushed Panne Top 125

Holiday Crushed Panne Shirt 207

Hope you like this! Let me know if the tutorial is easy to follow! If you have ANY questions, don't hesitate to leave me a message or use the Contact Me button at the top of the blog and shoot me an e-mail!


  1. This is sooooooooooo cute.. The fabric looks so comfortable too.. Love it..

  2. This is so cute and looks so comfy. Her hair is so beautiful. Take care.

  3. Thank you!!! She has been wearing it alllll day! I think I need to make myself something like it... LOL

  4. Thank you so much, Regena!!!!!!
    How are thing with you??

  5. I love velvets Stacy!! I have a question .. How was it to handle velvet? And how about finifhing velvets? Can you please share some tips.. As I want to do a velvel project.. Thought a little bit of advice from advabced sewers like you would help ;)

  6. Hey!!!
    Well, I haven't worked with REAL velvet yet.... BUT the crushed velvet was very slippery so I would warn to use A LOT of pins. And it has a tendency to roll along the edges after it's cut. So, lots of patience! LOL
    Since the crushed velvet is a knit, I didn't finish it in any way. I like the natural curl a knit gets when it's left unfinished. But if you like a more finished look you could easily add a hem, just don't pull on the fabric as it goes through and go slow so it won't warp.
    I hope that helps!!! :)
    Lots of luck on your project!!!!!!!


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