December 7, 2012

I Am a Sewing Machine!

Yep! That is what I am! LOL I finished 3 sewing projects today!! And I am patting myself on the back a little bit.... LOL ;)

Here they are!!

12-7-12 003

I made these pajama pants for a friend of mine. Another friend sent me the fabric just for these.  I hope they make her smile when she gets them. She has had a REALLLLY hard time lately. :(

12-7-12 004

I had enough fleece left over to make her a matching tote bag.

12-7-12 012

Then I made these Toy Story pajama pants for Colin. He had a Buzz Lightyear pajama shirt given to him by a friend but she couldn't find the pants. Enter a sale at Joann's! LOL I have had this fabric sitting in my pile for a while now.

12-7-12 013

One happy boy!!! Score a point for mom!!! LOL

And I wanted to show you Cailey's latest artwork. Usually she prefers to draw with ink so this is rare... LOL

12-7-12 008

I have a few ideas brewing. Hopefully I can get them worked out and have a few new tutorials coming up for you! :)


  1. Love the pj's.. and Colin looks like a really happy boy.. How fantastic that you happened
    to have the fabric to match the pj top.. yea....
    Love the drawing..
    You deserve a pat on the back.. great job.

  2. LOL!! Thanks, Judy!!!! For some reason I was very productive today! LOL

  3. The pants look so comfy and the prints so fun they are sure to love them:)

  4. Stacey, Colin looks so cute in his Jammie's! Could you email me when you have time about the South Africa project?

  5. These pants were meant to be! Colin looks so comfy, happy and pleased. I love the pair you made for your friend. Take care. Did I miss something about South Africa?

  6. THANK YOU!!!!!
    Pam is sewing 100 dresses for South Africa! AWESOME!!

  7. Stacy, You've been so busy!!! I love the penguin pajama pants fabric. The toy story pants match perfectly! No one would ever know they weren't a matched set.

    Keep sewing, my friend. I'm so inspired!

  8. AWW!! THANK YOU!!!!!
    Not sure what got into me today but I hope it lasts!!! LOL


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