April 1, 2014

Hi There!

So, what do think of the new blog? Pretty isn't it?? I LOVE IT!!!!

I know, you're used to seeing me over at Wordpress. Well, something went wonky. I have NO clue what exactly, but now I am locked out of my blog!! LOCKED OUT!!!! I've tried emailing but haven't received a response. I figured since that happened, I would just go ahead and move my blog. I mean, REALLY!!!! First getting locked out and then not getting any sort of response?? No, thank you!!! 

I have been going CRAZY!!!! Thankfully I have been able to export some of my old posts. There's a problem, though... I have to replace all the pictures! ALL THE PICTURES!!! Most of them are gone along with the old blog. 

I will try to do what I can with the tutorials. Hopefully I will be able to access all of the pictures soon. If not, I may not be able to put all the tutorials up. The pictures were saved on Wordpress and my old laptop (which died a horribly painful death not too long ago) and I may not be able to retrieve any of them. I may end up only being able to post the end result instead of step by step pictures. 

As far as the homeschool posts go, I can get them up and going much faster. I just have to get my header pics together and repost them all to each and every post.... 


So, please, stick with me while I try to figure all of this out. It may take me a little bit to get this up and going the way I want it to. 

I have a GINORMOUS thank you to say. Karen from Baking in a Tornado has been SUCH a sweetheart!! She has spent her time helping me get this all set up. THANK YOU, Karen!! I don't know what I would have done without you!!!! XOXOXOXOX!!!!!


  1. Congratulations on your first post on your new blog. Wordpress may have played a big mean April Fools joke on you, but you win. Your new blog is beautiful, just like you. ❤

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Karen!!! For everything!!!!! You are AWESOME!!!!! <3

  3. Very Pretty and layout is very nice!


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