April 4, 2014

Secret Subject Swap - March 2014

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week, 14 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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Your “Secret Subject” is:

Tell us about a skill that you have that would be the most help if you were lost out in the woods overnight.

It was submitted by: http://Bakinginatornado.com       


THAT is what I thought of when I received this prompt. LOL 

If you haven't seen the movie here is a synopsis for you: A billionaire and two other men are stranded, unequipped, by a plane crash in a dangerous wilderness. How many will survive to be rescued? (courtesy of IMDB)

There's a bear involved as well.....

So, with that in mind I started thinking about this prompt....

What skills do I have???

Well, I can hike I used to hike... I grew up in the mountains. Does that count?? 

I can swim. Would that help me escape the bear???

I was in the Girl Scouts for only a month so no help there. 

OH! I know!! Maybe I could talk the bear to death?? THAT'S a skill I have! Deadly boredom and the ability to keep talking long after I should have shut up! LOL 

I'm  not really the outdoorsy type. I can't go out in the woods and just BE. I have to be doing something, preferably reading a book or swimming, other than that I would rather be inside.... reading... or sewing..... 

Yep, that's it. I'm doomed. I'll be the one they find days later, lying on the ground in a fetal position. 

Wait a second! I have 5 children! I must have SOME survival skills! A bear is NOTHING next to having raised 3 teens at once! Oh, yeah! That bear won't know what hit him! 

I've gone a long time with people (read the teens) giving me the cold shoulder so silence doesn't bother me. Actually, a little silence would be a good thing most days.

I've gone long periods waiting for the kids to leave me alone long enough to eat a candy bar that I don't want to share... I could last a while without food. Just don't expect me to try to snare a little bunny. That's just not happening. 

I've spent hours walking all over theme parks, museums and such with 5 kids in tow... I have endurance! 

You know, this whole stranded in the woods thing doesn't sound so bad now that I think about it!! I would be ALL ALONE!!! Do you know how often that happens?? Never, that's how often! NEVER!!! The last time I was without any of my kids was when I was giving birth to the youngest! 

Yeah, the more I think about it the more appealing getting stranded sounds.... 

I think I need a plane ticket to Alaska. One way. 

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And I have a GINORMOUS thank you to say to Karen of Baking in a Tornado. THANK YOU!!!!! You are the most awesome!!!!!!!!!! I never would have gotten the new blog going without your help!! You are AMAZING!!!!!


  1. As I said to Michele over at Follow Me Home... TAKE ME WITH YOU! lol. I might not be very useful, but I promise, I won't talk. lol

    1. DONE!! You are more than welcome to come along!! LOL

  2. So glad you're up and running again.

    And I don't think I would survive the wilderness. I've asked myself how long I think I would reasonably last were the zombie apocalypse to happen and I've accepted that I'm screwed....cardio and all that. It just doesn't happen.

  3. i am from denver colorado so i have hiked through the rocky mountains a bunch of times. they are so beautiful and i definitely would love to go back to visit. i live in east tennessee now and the smoky mountains are beautiful as well, but in a different way.

    1. OH! I miss East TN SOOOO MUCH!! We lived in Knoxville for 6 months and it was the best city ever!!!!
      I would LOVE to visit the Rockies!! That's on my bucket list!

  4. We moms have more survival skills than we thought, don't we? Maybe you could read the bear a book too, or sew him a hat?

    Stacy, you've been an amazing and loyal friend since the day we "met" in the blogosphere. It's my pleasure to help you get this new blog up and running. We are quite a team, you and I. We set our minds to do it and we did it in record time.

  5. Thank you SOOOOO MUCH!!!
    <3 <3 <3 I don't know what I would have done without you!!!

  6. My survival skill? Hiding under a bush and sleeping for a week :)

  7. LOL getting stranded somewhere does sound like a vacation, especially if stranded somewhere warm with sand and an ocean, deserted island with dessert maybe? The skills I could take with me? I have watched several You Tube videos and read several blogs about homestead survival. I know Cat Tails are delicious, and the whole thing is edible. Well I don't know they are delicious I never ate them, nor cooked with them, but I read something about it once. I can chop wood with a machete. Well in theory anyway. I watched a youtube video so that makes me an expert. Right? :)

    1. ROFLMBO!!! Sounds legit to me!!!
      Oh, the beach sounds like absolutely bliss right now. SIGH....

  8. I have survival skills - I can set traps and start a fire with things found in nature. I could help! Being alone, or at least with adults instead of munchkins (no matter the age), would be a blessing most days. BTW, welcome to Blogger! :)

    1. Sure! Come along!! :) Definitely no munchkins allowed. Even the 20 yr old....
      THANKS for the welcome! I am loving it here! :D

  9. First of all, I'm so sorry to hear about you losing your blog. I'm glad you were able to salvage some content. Karen is incredible. You two did a great job of setting it all back up.
    Second, I could totally live in the woods, if there weren't spiders and snakes. I'd rather be stuck in a Target :)
    My favorite line of your post? "I was in girl scouts for a month, so no help there." Hilarious!

    1. THANK YOU!!!
      Yeah, I could definitely stay lost in Target for quite a while. I might need to do that soon. LOL I miss having Target close.
      Apparently I couldn't hack it as a girl scout. LOL

  10. What a great prompt! It made me think… I am not the outdoorsy survival type as well, but my mobile phone might be charged, so if there's any reception in those woods… somebody might get us outta there…
    I loved how your spirits rose, because I was convinced from the beginning that you were selling yourself way short! Plus I am pretty sure that bear was really very friendly!

    1. LOL! Oh, yeah.. he certainly looks friendly.....

      I never even thought about my cell! LOL Maybe because I am always letting it die. And in my experience they NEVER work when you really need them to! LOL

  11. Most of us are pretty adept at making something edible (if not inspiring) out of NOTHING. That has to be helpful, right? Fun post, Stacy.

    1. LOL! Too true!! I'm sure I could scrounge something together.

      THANKS!!!! :)


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