April 8, 2014

I LOVE the Used Book Store

We took a trip to the used book store yesterday. It is MASSIVE. It's part of a very small chain (3 stores in the state) but it has SO MUCH. Books, video games, DVDs, CDs, board games and even some strange figures (see THIS POST). There are huge bins out front where you can find FREE books! Yes, FREE!!! 

I had some birthday money left over and it was eating a hole in my  pocket. Apparently the kids felt the same way, so off we went. 

I spent less than $20 and here is what I got.

This is completely intact, LIKE NEW!!! 

We will be doing our Pirate Unit soon and this will be perfect!!!

We will be starting our Plants Unit soon as well. 

I am always on the lookout for a new to me The Everything Kids' book. We have quite a few and the kids LOVE them. 

Since we just finished our Middle Ages Unit , I thought I would let them spend a few days coloring some of the pages in this. 

I hear what you're sayin', but it was MY birthday money, didn't I get anything for me? Well, of course I did!! Everything I bought for the kids was $7. That left $13 for me. 

Wanna know what I bought??

Sudden Death (F.B.I., Bk 1)         Deadly Night (Flynn Brothers, Bk 1) 

Echo Burning (Jack Reacher, Bk 5)       Running Blind (Jack Reacher, Bk 4) (aka The Visitor)

Tripwire (Jack Reacher, Bk 3)       Fountain Society

The Next Accident (FBI Profiler, Bk 3)       The Perfect Husband (FBI Profiler, Bk 1)

The Neighbor (D. D. Warren, Bk 3)     The Third Victim (FBI Profiler, Bk 2)

Hide (D. D. Warren, Bk 2)         Alone (D. D. Warren, Bk 1)

I have been in a thriller mood lately, bet ya couldn't tell. ;)

And I think I have them all out of order. 

The Lisa Gardner books are from 2 different series. I got the first 3 in each. 

I got the next 3 that I needed in Lee Child's Jack Reacher series. 

Both the Allison Brennan and Heather Graham books are first in a series. 

I am pretty sure the Wes Craven is a stand alone. 

My list is telling me that I have read The Perfect Husband... SIGH... I've done it again! I bought a duplicate. SIGH... Oh, well, it probably won't be the last time and at 50 cents, it's not big deal. ;)

Do you have a go to used book store?? Do you pay retail?? 

When we lived in Knoxville I was constantly in the library. They have THE BEST library system that I have ever seen, and I have seen quite a few.

Here we aren't so lucky. The county has 1 library and it's the only one in the system!!!!! ARGH!!! If it's not at that library you aren't getting it. SIGH... So, now I am back to haunting the used book stores.

What great books have you read lately?? Tell me!! I want to know!!



  1. You got a ton for your money, and all of your personal choices are ones I probably would have made.I always read mysteries and thrillers. Lately I've been taking advantage of getting free books and borrowing books from the library both for my Kindle.

  2. You are SO lucky. You just can't beat free books!!!!
    I use the Kindle app a lot for the kids. I have a Nook but there just aren't that many freebies for it. :/
    I tend to go through spells. I'll read a ton of paranormal and then get bored. Then I'll read a ton of YA and get bored. And so on and so on. Right now I am definitely into the thrillers again! LOL


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