April 16, 2014

Worm Cupcakes

Worm Cupcakes

1 box of cake mix
1 container of icing
1 package of Oreos
24 Gummy Worms
24 Cupcake Liners
1 Straw

Make cupcakes by the directions on the box.

While the cupcakes are baking, mash the Oreos into little bits.

After the cupcakes cool, ice and roll in the Oreo crumbs.

Take a straw and stick it in the middle of the cupcake to make a hole for the gummy worm.

Insert gummy worm.

Viola! Worm Cupcakes! :)

The kids LOVE these! They are so much fun. Perfect for spring, a worm study or Halloween. 


  1. You have way more ambition than I do, lol! They're cute, but I'm sure someone in my house would steal all of the worms and leave the cupcakes behind!

    1. LOL! We had the opposite here! I had to make plain ones for the non-gummy eaters. LOL

  2. We don't study worms at my house, but these are a keeper for Halloween.


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