April 28, 2014

New Romper Tutorial!

I managed to get something accomplished this weekend! In the midst of a fibro flare for me and a nasty upper respiratory virus for the little ones, I made Cailey a new romper!

I've had that yard of fabric for a very long time. I was never quite sure what I wanted to do with it! Then it hit me, a new romper! :)

I made it differently than I did the Pajama Romper


1 Yard of Fabric
1/2" Elastic
2 Packages of Chenille Rick Rack

I had a pattern that I made a while ago. I took a shirt and a pair of shorts that fit Cailey well and used them as a guide.

I folded the fabric in on both sides and then in the middle so I could cut both pieces at the same time

Once you have your 2 pattern pieces, cut the arms out. 
I cut mine a little too long, I think.

With right sides together, pin and sew the middle seams. 
Then open it up and press. 

Pin and sew the leg and crotch seam. Press it when you are done.

There are 2 ways you can do the hems on the legs. I put elastic in mine but I think it would also look cute without them. 
Without the elastic just do the folding and pressing. Then just sew the hem. 

If you want to use elastic, sew a line at the very top. 
Then sew another line, leaving an opening to insert the elastic.

Now, insert the elastic.
Sew the ends together.
Sew the opening closed.

For the top part:
Fold 1/2" and press.
Fold 1" and press.

Sew 2 lines across the top.
Insert the elastic through one end. 
Pin the ends. 
Sew both openings closed while also securing the elastic. 

For the ties you can do many things. 
You can thread a large ribbon through instead of doing the elastic above.
You can use bias tape.

Cailey really wanted me to use the blue chenille rick rack. So, I zigzagged the edges of the armholes. Then I pinned the rick rack in place and sewed it on. 
Easy Peasy! 

Cailey is still sick so I didn't make her pose for pics. My poor baby. :(

Let me know what you think! 
Definitely let me know if you make one! 



  1. Stacy,
    So sorry you and the younger kids are sick..Hope you all feel better soon..
    The rompers are adorable.. I love, love the fabric. You did a great job, and bet Cailee will be
    so cute in them..
    Proud your back to sewing.. Have fun when You get better.

  2. Thank you very much, Judy!!
    The kids are doing so much better today!! YAY!!!! :)

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. I am hoping to make my son a chewbacca jumpsuit. This helped!


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