September 6, 2014

Our Week in Review - First Week of School 2014

Our first week back to school!! WOOO HOOO!!! It was a short week, only 3 days but we managed to get quite a bit accomplished!

New pajamas for a new school year!!!
The tutorial for the nightgown can be found under Little Birdie Nightgown. I'll be posting the tutorial for Colin's chevron pjs next week! 

Breakfast on our first day was Funfetti pancakes. SOOOO GOOD!! 

We built da Vinci's ornithopter! This is from a book I bought at Five Below. We tried taking it outside to see how well it would fly but a piece got stuck and we couldn't get it to work. :( 

While reading about da Vinci we learned that he was fascinated with birds. We looked around the yard for a feather to sketch. Usually there are feathers all over the place but we had a very strong storm the night before. All I could find was that sad little feather. 

Then Cailey and Colin painted their bird pictures. 

We also built a siege engine. I found the kit at Barnes & Noble for $6 and I couldn't pass it up! The drawbridge and catapult really work! 

I found a set of word puzzles for $3 at Target and thought they would be a fun way for Colin to play with words. 

Here are a few other pics, not necessarily from this week but more like a few weeks. ;)

A cool looking moth I found on our kitchen door. 

We live in the city but you wouldn't be able to tell from all of the wildlife around us. This is a falcon that keeps coming to our yard looking for chipmunks to eat! He missed out that day. 

How was YOUR week???


  1. Love the gown and pj's ... So cute- both pj's and kiddos..
    Proud school is going well..


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