September 27, 2014

Our Week in Review - Special Field Trip

The 3 youngest and I went on a very special field trip last Saturday. Once a year Henricus Historical Park does it's Publick Day. It's FREE!! I am all about FREE. ;) I have been wanting to take the kids for years but one thing or another always got in the way. Not sure why, it wasn't very far....  Not this year!! We got to go and took some friends along. 

A couple of things about Henricus Historial Park :
It is a remake of the Citie of Henricus, the 2nd successful settlement of the Virginia colony, built in 1611.
Pocahontas actually spent some time there.
At the park the kids are encouraged to touch "everything but the fires".

Here the kids are being instructed in what their jobs might have been had they lived then.
They picked up rocks and threw them at imaginary groundhogs to keep them away from the garden. 

 We went inside a yehakin (the Native American dwelling). The kids got to touch everything within the building.

Afterwards, the kids got a demonstration in canoe building. They even got to try it themselves!

Here Cailey and Colin are grinding corn to make cornmeal for cornbread!

All of the actors were great with kids! They got to try on armor, play games that kids played in 1611 and see how the Native Americans cooked their food.

Here they are watching a village lady prepare food, defending the fort, testing the weight of saber and "shooting" a canon. 

I took a lot of pictures that day! So much that my phone went dead! LOL 

There were a couple of things that I missed getting pictures of :
Pocahontas (we got to speak with her and ask questions)
The first hospital in the New World
The cannon firing
The ship

Check around your area! You never know what you might find to do!!!! Or what might be free! ;)

                      HAVE FUN LEARNING!!!


  1. Oh what fun, I would love to have been there.. and I love free too..ha
    Proud you all had such a good time.. Very educational for the kids too.

    1. Thank you!!!! They had a blast! I can see this easily becoming a yearly thing! :D


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