September 16, 2014

Fan Tote Tute with a Special Surprise

Today starts a series of special posts. My friend Karen from Baking in a Tornado and I are teaming up  to bring you some tailgating specials! 

Check out Karen's Raspberry Steak with Lemon Yogurt Sauce!

On to the tutorial!

My contribution to the tailgating theme! A team tote to carry all your fan gear/tailgating supplies!! 

What I Used -

The equivalent of 4 fat quarters 
  2 for the body of the bag
  1 for the straps and pocket
  1 for the contrast at the top of the bag

Step 1
First I cut one fat quarter in half.
One half will be the handles and the other will be the pocket.
The half for the handles should be cut in half again.
Fold with right sides together and press. 
Sew up the long side of each.

Step 2 -
Turn the handles right side out and press.
Top stitch along the edges.
Remove the cat from your work space.
Press again. 

Step 3 -

I did NOT use fat quarters. I used a long strip of contrasting fabric. I folded it in half and pressed. Folded in half again and pressed.
If you use fat quarters -
Cut it in half. Sew the ends together to make a longer piece.
Fold in half and press. Do that again.

Step 4 -

If you are using fat quarters, this is where you will sew up one side ONLY. Pin the 2 fat quarters with right sides together and sew up one side seam.

Step 5 -
Now, with right sides together, pin the contrast strip at the top of your fabric.
If you are using fat quarters, line up the side seams.
Once you have sewn the contrast strip to the top, press the seam UP.
Now, top stitch or stitch in the ditch. 
*Stitch in the Ditch means to run a line of straight stitches on top of the fabric in the seam line. I did NOT stitch in the ditch. I top stitched instead. 

Step 6 -

Now we are going to attach the handles.
On the right side, pin the bottoms of the handles to the contrast strip. Your handles should be hanging upside down with the wrong side showing.
Line up the handles on the other side and pin in place.
Now, attach the handles.
Once you've attached all 4 ends, you are going to fold the handles up and pin them in place,
Now, sew a box with an X in the middle. That makes sure the handles stay on even if you are carrying a heavy load. 

Step 7 -
Take your remaining fat quarter half and fold it up into a pocket.
Turn the sides in and press.
Pin it to the front of your bag and stitch in place. 

Step 8 -
Pin and sew up the remaining side and bottom.
Clip your corners.
Turn the bag right side out and press.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!!!

Don't forget to check out Karen's DELICIOUS tailgating recipe!!! OMG, that looks sooooo good! I'm drooling on my keyboard. 


  1. I LOVE this tote bag. And I especially love linking up our projects!
    So funny: I know so little about sewing that when I saw that you used "fats", I was going to send you a private message to tell you that you had misspelled "felt". But since you used it more than once, I'm guessing there is such a thing in sewing and material as a fat?
    Now that I've shown my complete ignorance about sewing, I know you'll take pity on me and make me one. PATRIOTS or Purdue Boilermakers, please!

    1. ROFLOL!!! YES! There are cuts of fabric called fat quarters. They are a quarter of a yard and most people use them for quilting. ;)
      THANK YOU!!! I had SO MUCH FUN with our link up!!!! LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!
      I can definitely make you one! And if my sewing machine balks at putting Patriot fabric through it, I'll smack it around. ;)

  2. Yes! But! What time is BREAKFAST???

    1. Any time you want it, Fluffy!!!!

      That just HAS to be Fluffy... ;)

  3. I love fat quarters!! Very cute tote, Stacy. If it were only in a fabric from Detroit...

    1. LOL!!! Thank you!!! Sorry, but it's gotta be Steelers for me!!! ;)

  4. Thank you for the pattern. Can not wait to make it!


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