September 23, 2014

Stay Snug with a DIY Lap Rug

Be sure to stay until the end of this post! There's a big surprise!!!!

So you're going to the big game. You know it might get pretty cold later on but you don't want to lug around a big blanket. Here's the perfect solution! A lap rug! All the warmth of a big blanket with none of the bulkiness! 

What I Used :

Steelers cotton print 50" x 20"
Black minky dot 50" x 20"

This is soooo easy. Seriously, it takes about 15 minutes!!!!

Step 1 -

With right sides together, pin your 2 pieces. Sew all the way around leaving a small opening. 

Step 2 -

Remove the cat from your work area!!!

Step 3 -

Turn right side out. 
Tuck the pieces of the opening in and pin. 
Top stitch in place. 

  ALL DONE!!!! See how easy??? I'm almost ashamed of doing a tutorial for it. ;)

Now, for the surprise!!!                                                                                                 
This is another tag team tailgating post!! WOO HOO!!

While I showed you how to stay warm from the outside, Karen at Baking in a Tornado will show you how to warm up the inside.

Check out Baking in a Tornado for some tailgating cocktails that are sure to get you ready for the big game!



  1. I love this lap rug, even if you used the wrong team, AGAIN. Good news is that I'm pretty sure I could accomplish step 2 anyway!

    1. ROFLOL!!!! THANK YOU!!! :D
      I find myself repeating that step more times than I would like!! LOL

  2. You two are so cute. Love the lap blanket. Perfect for the games. That cat is also too cute. Hmm. Cat+big=Big Cat= LIONS!! Detroit Lions!! Your craft is ALMOST perfect :)

    1. ROFL!!! Thank you!!!!
      That cat is a mess. She has to be right on top of me whenever I am trying to do anything! LOL


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