September 20, 2014

Our Week in Review - Sept. 15-19, 2014

Usually when I sit down to write this up, I am thinking that we really didn't do a whole lot during the week or that maybe I didn't take enough pictures of the things we DID do. Then I start looking and remembering and realize that once again, I was wrong. 

That being said, we didn't do as much as I had planned, but that's not always a bad thing. ;)

Here's a look back at our week.

Deanna, Cailey and Colin sitting on the couch watching TV together. Ahhh, the moments when they aren't arguing are so precious! ;)

Colin is excavating a triceratops! (And making a big mess!) He still loves dinosaurs! 

We were reading about Leonardo da Vinci and how he painted frescoes. We decided to paint some ourselves. :D
Colin's is a battle scene. He even painted a siege tower like the one we made a couple of weeks ago. 

At one of our co-ops we did wet felting again. This time the kids made shooting starts in preparation for Michaelmas. 
Don't you just love our outdoor classroom???

In our other co-op the kids took their first Art & Architecture class as well as their first Geography class. 
I didn't get a picture of their art work (it was a collaborative effort) but I did get these from Geography! 

If you've known me for a while then you'll know how I love cows. Sure, they are being overshadowed by my love of owls these days but they are still there! I just had to have these cow cookies from World Market!!! LOL I haven't tried them yet but the others say they are very good. 
That reminds me! I need to try them before they are all gone!!! 

           Silly Cailey Bird and her crazy candy!! 

See the sweet little bunny we found in our yard?? It never fails to amaze me at the wild life we find living just a couple of miles from the city limits. We live in a very busy area! Just because we aren't in the "city limits" does NOT mean we are in the country. Not here!! LOL This whole county is still "city". 

These are things that I remembered to take pictures of!!! LOL

I also got quite a bit of sewing in this week. WOO HOO!! You know what that means! Lots of tutorials coming up!!
I started on Cailey's Halloween costume the other day! I am thrilled with the way Anna's cape is taking shape! 

             HAVE FUN WITH YOUR WEEK!!!!!


  1. The picture of everyone watching TV together - with Olaf is really sweet! I have a Frozen fan in my house too! Cow cookies?! How awesome! You would love the cow related paraphernalia here in Wisconsin...and the Packers gear too. :-)

    1. Thank you!!
      The Hubby is a HUGE Packers fan. We have tons of Packers stuff all over the place. LOL And he loves to order from The Wisconsin Cheeseman. LOL

  2. I'm from Wisconsin and of course, we were all Packers fans back in those days :) You are so talented and creative and it looks like the kiddies will be as well

  3. I'm from Wisconsin and we were all Packers fans back in the day! Looks like your kids are going to be just as talented and creative as you are!


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