January 13, 2015

Blog with Friends - The Brr Brigade - DIY Creeper Hoodie

Welcome to another edition of Blog with Friends! This is the Brr Brigade!! 

For my part, I am going to show you how to make a Minecraft Creeper Hoodie! 

What I Used

2 Yards of Green Fleece
Scraps of Black Fleece
Freezer paper to trace pattern
Hoodie that fits Colin well (to trace a pattern)


I drew out the squares after looking at a picture of the Creeper. I figured out how to make it all to scale. If the eyes are 2" then the top of the mouth is 2" wide at the top and so on. 
My cutting mat is drawn out in 1" squares.


Then I cut out the Creeper's face.


Next, I traced around one of Colin's hoodies to make my pattern.

When cutting, remember to cut the front, back and sleeves on the fold.
Also, remember to cut 4 pieces for the hood (NOT on the fold).


Pin the pieces of the Creeper's face to the front of the front piece. 

Next, zigzag stitch all around each piece. 


Now, pin the front piece to the back piece with right sides together.
Sew the shoulder seam. (I used a zigzag stitch.)


Now, pin your sleeves according to the picture.
The right side of the sleeve to the right side of the bodice. Line up the center of the sleeve with the shoulder seam.

Sew the sleeve into the bodice.

For me this is the absolute easiest way to put in a sleeve. The easing is so much... easier. ;)


Here's where I messed up the first time. LOL 
I sewed my side seam before putting in the cuff. SIGH... I had to take my BFF, the seam ripper, and rip my sleeve seam. 

I cut my cuff at 5" x 10". Fold in half and press.

Pin the rough edges of the cuff to the rough edges of the sleeve. Zigzag stitch in place while gently pulling on the cuff (not the sleeve part). This will give the end of the sleeve a nice shape.

Pin up the side and sew the side seam all the way to the end of the cuff. (Once again, I used a zigzag stitch.)


The hood is where I messed up again. At first it was just 2 pieces sewn together and attached. It looks SO MUCH better with 4 pieces sewn into 2 hoods and attached. LOL

Here, take 2 hood pieces and sew the top and back.
Do the same with your other 2 hood pieces.


Now, pin the 2 hood pieces with right sides together. 
DO NOT sew the bottom edges together! ;)


Pin the bottom of the hood to the neck line, with right sides together.

Sew the seam. 

You can see in the pic that I just had a 1 layer hood at that point. I ended up going back with my BFF, the seam ripper, and ripping the hood out. 


Last step!!!

To finished out the bottom I cut a strip of fleece 5" by 40". 
Fold it over and press. Pin the rough edges to the bottom of the hoodie. Sew the seam! 

I have a happy little boy! :D Score for mom!! 

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  1. Awesome! I'm going to have to get some supplies and make one for my son. He LOVES Minecraft! A Minecraft hoodie can run at least $50. I just can't see myself spending that much money.

    1. Using coupons and hitting sales makes it even cheaper to make your own! Plus the fleece is sooooo warm and soft! ;)

  2. Not only do I love this project, but Colin's face wearing the hoodie is just priceless.

    1. THANK YOU!!!!! He is such a happy little fella!!! And now his best friend has one, too! LOL

  3. What a cool hoodie! Nice job, Stacy!

    1. Thank you so much!!!!! :D I had a lot of fun with it!! :D

  4. This is an awesome hoodie! You are a sewing star!

  5. This one is awesome my liltle twin siblings love minecraft.. gotta make this ;)
    Thank u for sharing ♥

    1. YAY!!!!!! So glad you like it!!! Let me know how it turns out!! :D

  6. Thank you for postn this 😊 its very helpful, even through I didn't do the minecraft design it was great for a base point on a plain pull over hoodie! Plus it helped me underatand some things, sine this is just my first time making a pull over.

    1. Yay!!! I'm so glad that this helped you!! I've been thinking about making some more myself.

  7. This was very very helpful! :D even through I didn't do the creeper design, I needed the actual pattern of the hoodie. I had to do a mettaton hoodie for my brothers birthday :D


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