January 12, 2015

January Homeschool Themes and Resources

We are just getting started back to schooling after the holidays. I usually give the kids (and myself) 3 weeks off at Christmas. Such a nice gift. LOL
I think we might start with some of the themes that would be great for January!! Of course, some of them we've done already. 

Weather Activities

Weather Activities 2

Weather Resources

Squirrel Unit Study Resources Squirrel Appreciation Day is this month!

How about some countries that get a lot of winter weather??

Canada Country Study Resources

Russia Country Study Resources

Russia Resources (Small)

Here are a few more that are NOT from posts I've done before.

Ellis Island Day was on the 1st. It's not too late to do an Ellis Island Virtual Field Trip!

Here's a place to get you started on MLK Jr Day!

Elizabeth I was crowned this month, why not start a study on the Tudors?

Here are some links for winter crafts and activities -


Activity Village

All Kids Network

                       HAVE FUN LEARNING!!!!!

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