January 3, 2015

Our December in Review

It's been soooooo long since I post a week in review.... The last one was at the beginning of December! YILES!!!! We have just been so super busy!! So busy that I have even forgotten to take pictures!! GASP!!!!! That's a big blogging no-no!!! 
But I did manage to get a few. ;)

We did a few crafts.

Some of them with friends.

We got ready for Santa.

I made our Christmas stockings. (I also made one to sell.)

We opened presents!!!! (And then they played on the laptops, well, ever since.....)

And one of the cats is still try to fit in tiny places. 

Our December was crazy busy!!! I hope yours was WONDERFUL!!!!!!


  1. Always love your projects . . . Happy New Year, dear Stacy!

    1. Thank you SO much!!!! Happy New Year to you, too!!! :D

  2. LOL@ the cat! We have one here that will do that.

  3. I love the pic of the kids with their laptops, I bet they're thrilled.
    I have to admit that I'm sitting here laughing like an idiot at that cat pic!

    1. Oh, you bet they were! LOL Cailey only puts hers down to sleep it seems like! LOL
      Cloud forgets just how much weight she's gained in the past year. LOL She still thinks she can fit anywhere!


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