January 27, 2015

Easy Valentine's Day Decor

I have a SUPER fast and SUPER easy project for you today!! I did all 3 jars and the table runner in under an hour!!! AND I got everything but the fabric at the Dollar Tree! EASY! FAST! CHEAP!

The Table Runner

What I Used-

1/4 yard of printed Valentine's Day fabric (from Joann's)

1/8 yard of plain red cotton

Pinking shears


I measured out the length and width that I wanted for my runner. 

Then I cut it using my pinking shears. (No need to hem it!!!!)


My iron threw up on my fabric. ;)

Then I pinned the red down the middle of the print and sewed it on with a straight stitch. 

ALL DONE!!!!! I told you it was quick and easy!!! 

The Jars

What I Used 

I got the glittery heart stickers, foam heart stickers and chenille stems from the Dollar Tree! 

Step 1

Cut the fabric pieces with pinking shears to the size of your jar.

Step 2

Hot glue the bigger piece to the jar. 
Then hot glue the smaller piece of top of it.

Step 3

Hot glue ribbon around the top.

Step 4

Stick on the sticker.

Step 5

Since I had small jars, I cut the chenille stems in half.
Then I stuck the foam hearts on top. 


See how easy????

              HAVE FUN CRAFTING AND SEWING!!!!!!


  1. So you know I will have to buy the runner, but the jars? I can do that! Well, I don't think I'm allowed around a hot glue gun, but I can still make those adorable jars!

    1. ROFL!!! You could always use a different type of glue! ;) LOL

      THANK YOU!!!!!! :D

    2. Karen, you could always use fabric glue to make the runner :)

    3. VERY true!!! Or even the iron on strips like I used with the burlap valances!


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