January 5, 2015

Homeschool Online for Free

The other day I noticed that I have been a little lax in posting homeschooling ideas. YILES!!! Sorry about that!!! Our homeschool year has NOT gone as planned. AT ALL!!! 
Anyway, I started going over the posts that I've done in the past and realized that a very important one was missing!!!! 
Now that each child has their own laptop, I plan on implementing a lot of the sites that I have used here and there in the past. With that in mind, I thought I should share them all with you! 

This post will be strictly for sites that your child can use for learning. 

ABCYa - This site is for K-5. It has games for learning in all the major subject areas. Cailey and Colin love playing on ABC Ya!

DIY.org - On this site your children can earn virtual skill badges for learning different things. Sort of like online scouts. We haven't done anything with this site yet but it looks SOOOOO COOL!!!!! 

Kidport - This site has online quizzes for K-8 in all the main subjects.

Sheppard's Software - Games, games and more games!! LOVE this site!! Once again all the main subjects are covered.

Neo K12 - This site is full of videos and games! So much fun!!!

Cookie - This site is for the younger kids, Pre K - 2. It has a lot of games and videos.

Learning Games for Kids - This site has games for all the major subjects plus more! They even have several typing games!!!

We Give Books - Love this site SO much!!! Free kids books (popular ones!!) up to level 4!!! They change the books out often so you never know what they might have now!! :D 

PBS Kids Lab - Games and videos for kids ages 3-8.

LDS Homeschooling in CA - This site has a very long list of virtual field trips!!

Watch Know Learn - Tons and tons and TONS of videos in just about any subject you can think of and for all ages and levels.

Gamequarium - This site has links to games and videos in all the major subject areas. However, the links do take you off site.

Fact Monster - This site is full of info. It also has games and videos. Your child has to be able to read to get the most out of it.

Study Ladder - We only use the free version of this site. You can set up lessons for each of your children. There are games and videos for all the main subject areas. 

E-Learning for Kids - Online lessons (games and videos) for all the main subjects for just about all levels.

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool - This site has EVERYTHING. And I do mean EVERYTHING. Not only that but it breaks it all down into daily lessons for K-12. 

Khan Academy - They now have math for lower levels!! YAY!! Khan Academy keeps me sane when it comes to teaching higher math. LOL They also have science, art and humanities, and economics and finance. 

Of course, there's always YouTube with things like Crash Course, SciShow , Veritasium, Education, etc. and iHomeschool Network has a list of homeschoolers on YouTube.

There are also sites that are subject specific but there would be too many to list! Hopefully there are enough sites listed here to help you break the monotony and relieve some stress!! I am all about keeping homeschooling as stress free and fun as possible!!!



I <3 comments!! Thank you so much for taking the time! :)