January 26, 2015

Inspire Your Heart with Art

This coming Saturday, January 31st, is Inspire Your Heart with Art Day! I wanted to put together a list of resources and fun stuff to help celebrate! Art is HUGE at my house. We love going to art museums, discussing art and creating art!

All the resources are free or cheap. 

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These are just a few. Get a book about art history and let your kids look through it. Which are their favorites? Check out books about that artist, style or period! Then to try to recreate a favorite piece in your own way. 

Activity Ideas

Tissue Paper Monet Lily Pond

Paint with Your Feet

O'Keefe's Poppies

Torn Paper Landscapes

Moroccan Art

Art Lessons

Art Lessons

3D Art 

Picasso Masks

Kandinsky Plastic Circles  (scroll down)

Matisse Scissor Style

Art Journals

Project Ideas of all Kinds

30 Projects for Exploring Great Artists

50 Art Projects for Active Kids

Montessori Inspired Art Appreciation

15 Fine Art Projects

Combining Art with Science

For more activities, check out my Pinterest Page

Another activity that we like to do is listen to a piece of music (any kind at all) and draw or paint the way it makes you feel. What do you think of when you hear it?

Museums Online

The MET Online Collection

The Getty Online Collection

The Louvre

National Gallery of Art

The Kennedy Center


Art Coloring Pages  (for recreating masterpieces)

Abstract Coloring Pages 

Color Me Masterpieces 

Renaissance Art Cards 

Reformation Art Cards 

Art Printables and Lessons 

Famous Artist Notebooking Pages 

Fine Arts Notebooking Pages 

Coloring Pages and Art Alphabet 

Art Unit Study 

100 Things to Draw List  

Copywork and Notebooking Pages 

Here is a list of artists that I have put together resource lists for :

Jackson Pollock

Must Have Art Supplies

Different types of paint - water colors, tempera, acrylic, finger paints

Air dry clay or the ingredients to make your own


Oil pastels


Colored Pencils


Coffee filters


Chenille stems

Foam cutouts 


Ingredients to make papier mache



Recycled plastic bottles

Bottle caps

Water color paper

Construction paper

Drawing paper


String or yarn


                          HAVE FUN CREATING ART!!!!!


  1. Oh, online museums! I never thought to look for one! Thanks!


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