June 10, 2012

A Bit of a Medical Rant and McCall's M4769

Soooo.... It's been an awful weekend. Earlier in the week my oldest, j1 was sick. That led to c1 getting sick.... Now The Hubby, d and c2 are all sick!! c2 is my baby, my little fella and he's the worst. Last night around midnight his fever spiked to 104. That's go time! Off to the ER we went. When we pull into the parking lot we actually found a space by the ER which has always meant they weren't busy and we should be in and out. When he gets called back to triage the children's ibuprofen that I had given him before we left had already started working and his fever was down. The nurse asks me if we still want to see a doctor. Well, DUH!!! He had a fever for a REASON! Sure, it's probably viral but it's always better to be safe than sorry. So, we get sent back out to the waiting room (such an apt name!!) where we wait and wait and wait. Then c2 starts throwing up EVERYWHERE (BTW, I STILL had on the toothpaste/grape jelly shirt) including all over himself and me. Yep, now puke has been added to shirt. It takes forever but we finally get someone to help us clean him up and the surrounding area. They give him a gown and a blanket and we settle in to wait EVEN LONGER. We finally get called back to room where we..... WAIT some more. We were there for over 3 hrs and never saw a doctor. Every time I asked the nurse when she thought one might pop up she would say, "She is still with another patient that is sort of sick." The 2nd time she said that I said, "Well, my 5 yr old son is also '"sort of sick"'. He had 104 fever and was throwing up all over the waiting area." I finally got fed up and we left. By that time it was close to 3:30am. I got him home and made him as comfy as I could. He had another fever this morning but the ibuprofen did its job so we will just watch and see.

I am really upset at the service we got at the ER. It was just ridiculous. At one point I heard a doctor (I guess it COULD have been a nurse, but I don't think so) out in the hall just carrying on a long conversation with a bunch of other people. At the end of the conversation she says to someone, "Well, I need to go make my rounds. Hey, have you ever seen a snake bite? Well, come on and check it out!" Seriously??? OMGosh! Like she was all excited!

I really look up to nurses most of the time. I know they have a tough job. And most of the time we seem to deal with good doctors... But this was just NOT acceptable in my book. They are providing health SERVICES that we PAY for! Why should we be treated like we don't matter? This is the 2nd time we have been treated this way at this particular ER..... The last time it was me with chest pains and we were there for 4 1/2 hours with only 15 mins of that being the actual doctor exam. I guess from now on we will be driving the extra 15/20 mins into the city if we think we can wait.

SHEW!! My goodness! J2 and I are taking bets as to which of will come down with it next.

In better news (LOL) I started cutting the fabric for this today!


Here are my pretty buttons!


I should get all the pieces cut today and will hopefully get started on the sewing!! YAY!! :))


  1. Oh goodness! I hope your little ones are feeling better:) I feel your pain with sick little one:s. When my now 15 year old was 2 he a seizure from a 103 fever...I was never so scared in my life. He was fine and the ER staff was like it is pretty common and I thought the world was ending! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting:)

  2. How scary!!!!! So glad he was OK!!! My goodness!!
    Thanks! The fever seems to be staying down but we all know how they LOVE to spike around midnight.:/ My 2 girls are doing MUCH better but The Hubby is NOT! SIGH.....

    Thank you for visiting back!!!!

  3. I hope everyone is getting better. I have six children and I was always the last to get sick, I guess that is mother natures' way. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can't wait to see your finished dress with those lovely buttons.

  4. Thank you so much! Everyone seems MUCH better today! Thankfully this isn't a long lasting thing!

    Thanks, again!!!


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